How To Illuminate Your Life With God's Law

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

The safest security on earth is living the knowledge and power of God's full grace. Your life is the subject of God's attention and grace, and it's located within the heart of His vision.

When you have built a life with supernatural assistance under God's complete guidance, then you can say you have safety in the highest form. Even if everything you built was catastrophically wiped out, the same power and grace that brought you to triumph the first time would come around and bless you again.

Virtually everyone I speak to comments that a life inspired by divine thought guided by God's creative forces is by far the single greatest desire they have. Imagine the possibilities.  Miracles and accomplishments would abound.

there would be no limit to healing, good health, success, and all types of accomplishment. Not to mention the spiritual rewards one would reap in God's perpetual presence.

A life directed and inspired by God's spiritual flow. That's what everyone wants and that's what God offers you.

By mentally and spiritually building your life with laws set by your Creator, you build a life to maximum capacity with God capable of accommodating from the smallest to biggest God-sized dreams.

The property of your life is placed under your care and management. You are trusted by God to produce something both you and God can be pleased by. Your life should contribute to the betterment of others, to the improvement of life, and as an inspiration to others who yearn for progress.

But you cannot build a life with God's spiritual flow unless you develop the skills of thought and practice within the laws of God.

It’s impossible for God's presence to grow and intensify in you unless you are continually and consciously follow the commandments the govern the universe.

Here's an important lesson to learn.  Any time you operate beyond the laws that govern supernatural blessing you operate in sin. God cannot intensify His presence in us like the morning sun that breaks over the horizon if we don't cultivate our mind and life within God's law.

To find the truth of my words you need to open the gospels. Jesus once taught an ancient Mosaic law about adultery to an extreme.

In Matthew 5:27–30 Jesus teaches that remaining pure of adultery is not enough. He explains that even thought is considered adulterous and therefore sin.

In other words, not only our behavior but our thoughts too should be held to the standard of God's law.

God's law should develop within us purity and holiness, God's nature in us. Our thoughts should be controlled and disciplined by the meditation and concentration of the commandments. Jesus is asking you who believes to restrain your thought and behavior with His commands.

If you follow the wise instruction you'll find the benefit of operating within God's divine blessing and power. This is a way Jesus taught and it's the right way to flow with God's abundant presence.

The gravest myth perpetuated in the Christian body is that Christians don’t have to follow God laws. That’s no different than saying, “It’s okay to sin.” yet the message is continually delivered to countless souls.

Most believers don’t realize that the laws of God are written for us to follow to keep us close to Him.

I want you to imagine for a moment the Holy Spirit operating outside the bounds of God's law. Impossible right? We could say that if the Holy Spirit operated outside God's law it would either cease to exist or that it is a dark entity. Either way, it would be separated from God.

The same holds true with you. Constantly living outside the bounds of God's laws keeps you separate from God's supernatural power to bless.

We are to live in obedient lives within the bounds of God's laws. Just like the Holy Spirit cannot and will not exist beyond the law that supernaturally edifies, you too should mimic the attitude.

Here's something worth remembering. God can never exist apart from His law. God's law and His presence are one and it all exists within God. An eternal perfect God cannot break the laws that spiritually animates everything.

If even the smallest letter of the law were broken by God, the universe would experience a break that would lead to total disintegration. Creation would collapse and vanish.

The reason most people somehow know that they have sinned is that they feel inner conviction. That’s God's law in Holy Spirit felt in the heart telling us we stepped over the line. Almost all Christians universally feel terrible when the realization hits.

But what about a person who despite the prompting of the Holy Spirit keeps sinning? The Bible calls that type of person "a worker of iniquity”.

To ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit and behaving against God's laws is blasphemous to God. Read for yourself what Jesus has to say about that kind of behavior.

“And anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but to him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven but is subject to eternal condemnation.” Mark 3:29 and Luke 12:10
Fortunately, the 613 ancient Jewish laws are clearly spelled out in the Old Testament and the 120 commandments taught by Jesus from the original 613 are also clearly spelled out for us in the gospels.

The commandments of Jesus guide us in pleasing ways to the Holy Ghost, the presence of God within us. By developing our mind and life around the commandments of Jesus, God's light can intensify in us more each day.

The commandments of Jesus are instructions we can strive for a more perfect union with God.

Read for yourself what Jesus has to say about developing your life with His commandments, “He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.” John 14:21

Does that sound familiar? It should. That’s the same as saying, “Keep my commandments and My presence will overtake you and bless you” (Deuteronomy 28:1 – 13) Jesus literally states that if we carefully observe His commandments, God will begin to manifest in us more powerfully.

What Jesus explains in this verse is spiritual development that results in a divinely empowered life.

By the way, the word “commandments” in this Old Testament verse is the same word used in Matthew 5:19 which represents, Mosaic law. This word again points us back to the first five books of the Bible. The paramount difference between Old Testament commandments and the commandments taught by Jesus, is that the New Testament commandments can be practiced by all people, in all geographic areas, without the necessity of Israeli familial connections.

From now on I want you to ask yourself, “Can God bless sin?” Then ask yourself, “What is sin?”. Then take great strides to develop how you think and act according to the commandments of Jesus.

I want you to compare how you think and behave to the commandments of Jesus. This method helps identify everything that exists mentally and spiritually outside God's laws to prosper you. Then you can take one important step.

Eradicate the imperfect ways and replace them with thought developed in the meditation and concentration of God's commandments. Opening the door to God's realm with power and intention transforms you entirely from the inside. That's when you become more like God, not the world. (Mt 5:48)

God set up the universe so you can develop and prosper in unlimited ways. If you mentally, physically, and spiritually follow laws designed to bless, you will discover a world of unlimited potential and possibility.

Living within the bounds of God's law allows us to be in God's Holy Presence. Godly favor overtakes the efforts of those who think, speak, and act in His likeness. God's blessed energy flows through us if we empty ourselves from the fruitless thought and behavior and continuously nurture thoughts and behavior around His law.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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