Laugh Your Way To Health

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Most of us enjoy everything associated with laughter. Assuming it comes from a place of sincere love and genuine good humor, or even from a place of affection for something in particular (and yes, loving God counts), most of us love to laugh. Laughing just feels good.

However, we tend to live in the moment of laughter so intensely, we don’t really think about the actual benefits. Have you ever truly considered the healing power of a good laugh? It’s not just a matter of enjoying a joke, a reference, or anything that brings you to the best of your humorous reactions. There are a ton of legitimate health benefits of laughing that are worth appreciating in greater detail.

The Healing Power Of Love And Laughter

We know that laughter can come out of a variety of situations. Sometimes, we can enjoy a laugh over morning coffee/tea and our Facebook newsfeed. We can laugh during our favorite films and TV shows, or if we are reading something that knows how to connect us to our funny bone. At the same time, laughing can be a natural response to something that is not inherently funny, but nonetheless brings us to a place of remarkable joy.

Today we know that a positive, active, loving relationship with Christ can have a tremendously healing impact on our bodies, minds, and spirits. You can probably think of someone you know, if it isn’t actually you, who exhibits a great love for the Lord through laugh. That is just one example of the various ways we can realize and express everything, even our love for the Lord with laughter.

The Benefits Of Laughter

First, let’s talk about what laughing can do to the blood flow. When you laugh, the heart muscles and diaphragms contract. Air is then forced over your vocal chords, which is what creates that rhythm of laugh in your body. As your heart rate increases, the inner lining of your blood vessels dilate which allows greater volumes of blood to flow. Your increased blood flow will then distribute additional oxygen to the rest of your body. This is what most people mean, when the talk about the healing potential of laughter. Furthermore, both circulation and muscle relaxation also occur, which can be tremendously beneficial to the general health of your body.

It gets better. Endorphin, a neurochemical produced by the brain, is also released as we laugh. This brain chemical has been shown to reduce anxiety, cut down on depression, and even speed up the healing process!

Research has made it pretty clear that laughing is a good way to assist many of our essential internal functions in mind and body.

To put it another way, our intellectual processes are important, and humor plays an important roll, how we manage the various particulars of our day. Laughter moves past difficult mental and emotional processes that can sometimes hinder our well being. It deals in a profound physical response that comes from the part of ourselves that seek out and embrace happiness, and therefore can release joy into every aspect of our lives.

More Benefits Of Laughter

Laughing also releases hormones and neuropeptides around the pleasure centers of the mind and similar emotions. When our bodies are focused on humors activity, our bodies reverse the biochemicals related to depression, anger, fear, and other emotional traps. It actually invigorates our bodies and cause to feel energized and motivated. Not only can laughing give us more positive emotional energy, but it can also give us the ability to better connect with people around us. There is a social element to laughing that can prove to be quite extraordinary, in terms of the ways in which it allows us to feel around others. It externalizes the best of ourselves.

Laughter can elevate everything that is good. It emphasizes the positive in the most physical way while enhancing the chemistry of both mind and body. So love God, be joyful, and laugh. Be of good cheer! (John 16:33) You can begin to see why our example involving God is such a useful means of explaining what love and laughing can do for us, particularly as a healing mechanism. God's love fills the heart in abundance and can overflow in joy. A great relationship with God is important in exuding joy to the rest of the world.

Bringing Laughter Into Your Life

It’s worth noting that laughing is a significant element to the Christian faith. It is also worth noting that you can find the joy of the laughing when your heart, soul, and mind have truly grasped the power of salvation, heaven, and an eternal future with God.

Do you feel as though you could laugh more? Remember, God created laughter and the bodily mechanisms for laughter to be manifest in the universe. It’s easier to find a joyful life than you might think. Simply remember that God wants you to laugh. He wants you to laugh well and with deep joy. What are some of the things you love? What things are practically guaranteed to make you double over in a laughing fit?

Go and explore life with joyful intent and you will discover boundless joy in yourself. That's God!

We love you and we're praying for you. Please share your thoughts on how joy and laughter brightens your life.

Christie Alexandra

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