Learn How Christian Meditation Helps Your Prayer Life

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Our mind at any moment can enter the divine realm of heaven with God. Entering the divine with our Creator requires only love and humility. Without these two pillars of devotion the God's divinity cannot be touched or understood.

Love and humility for God can be cultivated over time by applying the comprehension and practice of His word and commandments.

The applied word and commandments of God refines our personality with Godly insight and light which debilitates the worldly ego while strengthening the Holy Spirit within us. This change will automatically begin to manifest the righteous qualities of love and humility toward God.

The existence of these holy traits within us conquer ego by increasingly exalting the presence of God in us. Experiencing God this way we can pray according to His spoken word with great effectiveness.

Edified by the ways of God we can dispense living words according to His will. This is the meaning of James 5:16, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

God can only consider a person to be righteous if they think and live, think, and act within the bounds of His word and commandments. Anything beyond His instruction cannot be considered righteous, in fact God would have to considerate it, anti-God, unrighteous, sin.

Like a stream of light from the mouth, prayer can affect the world around us when the qualities of God grow and become revealed. We are to abide in Him (the Living Word), and He in us. In this type of deep spiritual relationship with God the righteous can change their sphere of influence by the loosened will of God on earth. (John 15:7 – 8)  

True prayer is not an act, recitation, or incantation. True prayer is revelation spoken. True prayer is Godly thought spoken. Prayer is a composition of living words motivated by God within us. This type of prayer life is preparation for our life to come with God.

One day our selfless dedication to God will reveal itself as an elevated destiny with Him. Every aspect of our higher bodies will be perfected according to our devotion to Him while on the earth.

For this reason we are all called to relinquish the ego-self and yield to the intense illumination of God in holy prayer. The will of God must flow in speech and in service to Him and to those around us. We are all called to be imitators of God, giving to others and loving others in thought and prayer.

Take time out each day to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Read, study, and meditate upon His word, and then let His cultivated word become the way you think, speak, and act in prayer.

God bless you. See you in the kingdom.


Jeric Ordonez

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