Longevity, Fasting, Meditation, And The Bible

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Fast Your Way To Long Healthy Happy Life

The Bible calls us to fast, pray, and to know God. There are several ways to fast. From the most extreme no food water fast to minimal caloric intake fast, it all comes down to what you want to achieve.

For some it's a deeper prayer life, for others it's an experience with God during meditation, and for few it's the health benefits. Although the Bible prescribes fasting for a time of repentance and closeness with God, this practice would generally lead to an experience of happiness and gratitude in the preceding days.

The cycle of prayer, fasting, meditation, and repentance has endured for millennia enhancing the lives of countless souls. But, why? Why do people who genuinely seek God and fast feel better and appear to be healthier? 

The Scientific Proof God's Word Is True

Today we can answer questions by analyzing genetic activity. It’s been nearly 20 years since scientists discovered that mice live almost 50% longer when put on a super-low-calorie diet several days per month.

Now, researchers with the assistance of Martin Wegman at the University of Florida College of Medicine have found that intermittent low calorie fasting can provide some of the benefits. In other words, a harsh, strict, no food, water only diet is not required.

A reasearch published in the journal Rejuvenation Research, Wegman and his colleagues described their approach. It was noted that over a 10-week period, participants included one day of eating 25 percent of their caloric intake.

Wegman and his colleagues analyzed and studied weight changes, glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, and inflammatory genetic markers. What they discovered was that low calorie intermittent fasting caused slight increases to the SIRT3 marker, a well-known genetic activity that promotes longevity and protective cell responses.

Researchers concluded that is may be possible that fasting induces oxidative stress within the body. This biological stress causes a surge of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are known for destructive behavior while advancing the aging process. The increase of free radicals appears to stimulate the SIRT3 gene to increase production of sirtuins, a protective protein associated with longevity and health. In mice, sirtuins can extend lifespan by 50% in some cases.

So the theory is that if we intermittently release free radicals into the body we can beneficially trigger a genetic response designed into our body. And that's not all, Intermittent fasting has also been proven to:

1. Decrease cholesterol, generally up to 25%

2. Reduce inflammation, specifically through genetic marker NRLP3

3. Improves brain health, motor skills, learning, and cognition, all improved

4. Genetic markers for neuroinflammation were improved, this means better mood, and less depression

There are many more benefits to periodic fasting. naturally, one should always consult with a doctor before starting any fast.


Once again God's word has been proven true. God's prescribes fasting for our benefit. Today scientists are discovering how much we really benefit from fasting. And in an astonishing turn of events, a strict fast is not necessary to benefit from the genetic instruction God embedded within us.

A 2 to 4 day fast, once every 30 days, consisting of 2 to 3 avocados per day along with two green powdered drinks, one in the morning and one at night is enough to trigger our longevity code. Coupled with prayer, meditation, and Bible study, and you have a recipe for a very successful Christian life. Post your thoughts, ideas, and any fast traditions you practice. We love you. God bless you. We're praying for you.


Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News, BlogHer.com, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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