Proven Biblical Meditation Techniques Delight Hearts Worldwide

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Biblical meditation is an incredible journey that puts you on the path of focused enlightenment with God.There are several meditation techniques at your disposal today that will help you “be still and know God”. Even though at times it may seem difficult to still and meditate, it is extremely beneficial to both mind and body while heighten your experience as a Christian.

When we focus on scripture, and meditate on its meanings, we gain a truer understanding for this reason many people are taking up the discipline. Although meditation techniques seem very simple at fist glance, sitting still, quietly, focusing on a verse, or holy name, may not be as easy as it seems. Most of us are not comfortable with our inner activity, especially when we lay bare in front of God. This article will go over a few meditation solutions to help you on your spiritual journey.

The Most Popular Biblical Meditation Technique

Some Biblical meditation techniques are simpler than others. Using scripture, or a Sacred Name, to meditate on is easier than just meditating freely without a concept to meditate upon. We can metaphorically sit and wait for God's presence to appear, or we can, actively pursue God by “keeping His word” (John 14:23), an activity that promises that promises the divine presence we seek. The Bible is filled with inspiring scripture that you can meditate on during silent contemplation.

Take some time each day to be quietly sit before God. Then free your mind from distractions while the verse or Holy Name rings in every part of your heart, soul, and mind. (Luke 10:27) Take this time to relax and become closer to God, without worrying about what is going on in your daily life. Give yourself a break for a just few moments. Nature is a wonderful place to clear your mind and focus on God, but a quiet spot in your own home will also provide a wonderful contemplative sanctuary.

When you first start meditating, you might find it difficult to clear your thoughts. With time, you will gain control of your thoughts more and more and become able to focus in on whatever you wish to meditate on. Many Christians who meditate pick key scripture from the Book to anchor their thoughts to. This is sometimes referred to as a prayer-mantra. This could be something like “I walk with His light”, “The Lord is my Shepherd”, “I Trust in Him”, something that you can easily repeat in your mind without losing concentration or forgetting the mantra. If you have a particular scripture that you quote on a regular basis, you can use that. However, if it is too long, you will be focusing too much on trying to repeat it again and again and completely lose the purpose of the meditation. Keep your mantra short and sweet. You may also choose to meditate on just one word, like “Jesus”, “Savior”, or “God”. That is completely fine, what you meditate on is completely your choice.

Some choose to meditate in total silence while others choose to have music playing in the background. Whatever you choose is fine. It is best to play music that has no lyrics though, as you don’t want to focus on what the music is saying and become distracted. Set a timer so that you are not worrying about meditating for too long and missing something important. You may sit or lay down, but be wary that if you are laying down, you might fall asleep easier than if you were sitting. Focus on your breathing and your mantra to stay on track. Let your mind relax and focus. If you come across a thought or image, do not fight it, recognize it, and let it go. Christian meditation is about calming your mind and your thoughts, so do not resist what your mind wishes to show you, then let your mantra just be. Before you know it you will be in the presence of Jesus.

Jim Welch

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