Reach God With Christian Meditation and Guided Christian Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Researching healthy living today, you will notice many articles recommend ways to eliminate stress. This should come as no surprise. Millions of Americans are strained to the max with jobs, family, and debt demands that could cause giants to collapse. Without a doubt, stress is the number one factor that contributes to the development of many so-called modern diseases. Even cancer and diabetes have been, at least in part, linked to irrational tension that destroys from within. New emerging studies are consistently showing that meditation enhances our brain, changes our outlook, balances our mind, increases creativity, and strengthens our capacity to calmly live in an ever increasingly chaotic world.

When we say meditation, we think about focusing and paying all of your attention to a single thing. People who meditate properly are able to ignore everything around them in mental, emotional and physical terms. In other words, we are concentrated on one thing and completely conscious of our activity. This is what meditation is all about. So, people are meditating on a daily basis without even noticing this. They meditate on their relationships, desires, careers etc. individuals also meditate on certain things that are actually negative and damaging. As the old saying goes – people become what they repetitively think about. Now let’s learn more about Christian meditation and how it can help us find inner peace and get us closer to God.

Christians often practice praying as a form of meditation. Through their prayers they communicate with God and share their thoughts and wishes. However, we should be aware that we won’t get everything that we pray for. The praying itself is designed to help people find peace and accept the fact that God has already determined our destiny and that there is nothing to worry about. So, how can people meditate on God?

When someone mentions meditation people usually think about the activities performed by people who are following Buddhist faith or some East Asian philosophy. There are some priests and pastors who think that meditation is not a Christian thing. They may be right about that, but only if we stick to the aforementioned religious meditation. There is nothing wrong with Christian meditation and as a matter of fact, this activity is supported by the scripture. The Bible says that the only way to become physically healthy is to achieve spiritual prosperity and meditating on His word regularly is one way to do this.

There is a huge number of Christians who believe that they are meditating when they read Bible passages. For instance, we can decide to read a few pages of the Bible every day at the same time. We can also try to memorize some quotes. The truth is that reading can’t always reach our heart and mind. We have all been in a situation when the priest/pastor was telling us some very interesting and motivating sermon and we felt that it was good, but a few days later we have forgot what it was about. This is typical for students too. They can sometimes spend whole day reading, but in the end of the day they will realize that they have not memorized almost anything. So, instead of reading, you should focus on understanding things. Think more about the quality instead of quantity.

The good news is that there is a way to accept and carry the word of God and all the Christian principles both in your mind and in your heart. First of all, we should not forget that there are many parts in the Bible where God tempts and questions the decisions of some believers like Moses and Zaccheaus for example. The point of each of these stories is that whenever someone truly accepts Jesus Christ then our Lord accepts them too. When you are meditating, you should focus on relaxation and waiting on Jesus. Imagine the picture of a small kid who sits in his parent’s lap. The best idea is to find a quiet place like some isolated area outdoors or close to the rivers, lakes or seas. Of course, you can also find such spot in your home too. After that, you should focus on some Biblical phrase like Peace be still or the Lord is my Shepherd and start repeating it slowly. While you are doing this you can use some Christian music in the background. Feel free to use an alarm that will limit the time spent on this activity because you can easily get carried away.

Another method of Christian meditation involves guided meditations. They are excellent for people who are just starting with this activity. These meditations usually come in the form of DVDs, CDs or cassettes. There are many people who need guidance during this process and this is exactly what they will get from these media. They are full of relaxation exercises and comments on specific parts of the Holy Book. Some of them can help you let go of the unpleasant memories that make you unhappy or show you how to eliminate negative thinking all this with the help of the Bible.

The following method of Christian meditation was practiced by monks in monasteries for many centuries. They have used contemplative prayers to meditate and reach a state of Godhood. The practice is very simple – select a short passage from the Bible and reflect on it during the day. Monks typically spend hours or days meditating upon the deep spiritual significance of the chosen words and how they relate to life in the present. This kind of meditation alters the mind by transforming neurological patterns, in other words, the way we think changes, and it changes according to the word of God (John 14:23). Pretty soon, behavior will change. This is definitely something that each of us can do on a daily basis. Of course, you don’t have to reflect on these passages whole time, but thinking about them whenever you can, should be enough to start making a difference.

Finally, you can also join a Christian meditation group in your area. You can use the Internet to find some groups close to your location. As we have already mentioned this activity is getting quite popular, and much needed in these stressful times . If you can’t find such group in your area, maybe you can create your own group, just make sure that you understand the methods of meditation we have mentioned and that you have sufficient knowledge and willpower to establish and run a group like this.

Christian meditation and guided Christian meditation are the simplest ways to reach God, start today.

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Andrew Norman Wilson

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