Simple Christian Meditation Makes Children Extraordinary

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Christian meditation has increased in popularity all over the world. It's growing in popularity for its capability of improving pleasant human qualities as well as health. Following God's principles throughout life and living life according to the Bible is one of the main reasons that people adopt this method as a central theme in their practice.

The Bible holds the value of the highest degree of virtues one can choose to concentrate on and ruminate upon. Choosing one particular virtue for a period of time and meditating on that idea, helps you nurture and cultivate that very idea in your mind. Your mind will then automatically start to control of your life. So why waste this opportunity when you can make the best of yourself and live contently with God's word? Even children have responded well to the practice. As with any practice, you should consult with your doctor or counselor before you or your child decide to continue.

Meditation For Children

Meditation has proved to have several health benefits when it comes to children. One survey suggested that adults who had practiced meditation from a young age led happier lives compared to the people who didn’t. There were less regrets and adults generally made better decisions, thus staying away from the misery that came with rash decisions.

Children are generally thought to be doing nothing apart from study and play. Parents fail to understand that it is up to them to make sure what their child’s life is going to be. Children experience a variety of emotions as kids and even more as teenagers. When these emotions go unnoticed or unexplained, kids tend to adopt methods, or create their ways of problem solving. Some methods can be harsh and lead to misery. As parents, you can only guide them not to do something, but you cannot actually stop them from doing it.

By introducing meditation into their lives, you are actually providing your children, an option to take charge of their lives without wrecking it. Children who meditate understand the importance and value of life. With a contemplation practice a child can cultivate positive peaceful feelings in the mind. It is in the parent’s hands to decide if the child is going to be a conscious teenager that knows what he/she is doing, or a teenager who ends up doing a lot of things that he/she is going to regret later in life.

How Does It Help Kids?

A contemplative practice is a process of letting your mind and thoughts run free while not paying close attention to them. Basically, you sit with your thoughts that come and go and change paths, but you do not judge your thoughts or cling to one particular idea. It is a great method to learn to “let go”. This trains the mind not to hold on to thoughts or feelings that may harm later. It is also very easy to practice, especially for a child.

This practice increases the mind’s natural awareness and strength. It also helps to boost concentration powers. By concentrating on no particular an idea for a long time, the brain is subconsciously being trained to concentrate more than one task. In other words, by “stilling” the mind one lets the mind become more powerful and able to understand more. This process is very helpful when it comes to children.

Children are always forced to be a lot better than they are. What if I said that your child could actually be better than better? Yes. It is possible. Children can become extraordinary with the help of meditation. A child that meditates has better sleep patterns, greater memory, enhanced levels of concentration, improved clarity of mind, and even increased love and compassion for others.

All the qualities I just mentioned are what makes a true scholar with high ideals for humanity. Your child’s positive demeanor, good memory and concentration can help him/her to excel during study time, score better grades, and propel him or her to a better life. Adults who practice meditation every day report that mediating increased their awareness of the world around them and how they affect it.

The technique can teach your children how to care for themselves those around them. Being aware of one’s surroundings helps one understand the atmosphere that surrounds and how to either adjust to it or change it. Over all, meditation is a life changer for any child.

Children And Christian Meditation, How To Get Started

Christian meditation has known to cure several people who suffered from depression and anxiety. In general personal character traits and low self esteem is boosted to normal levels. With teens, the problem of not loving themselves is more and more common. This is why you should encourage your teen to take up Christian meditation.

First of all, encourage your child and let him or her know that no matter what, the decisions you make for them are always for their best interest. An easy practice of breathing in and out for ten minutes with a simple prayer-chant with closed eyes will do for starters. Chanting “God loves me”, “God saves”, or “Yes Jesus” can help children calm the mind into a perfect state of stillness.

There are many ideas that you can help your child cultivate in the mind during meditation. Choose an idea that you think your child’s life should be like and motivate him or her to meditate on that thought during meditation and through their day. Good examples are: courage, honesty, dignity, clarity, kindness, compassion, generosity. You can choose your own, or your child can choose one for them-self. Once they understand the benefits of meditation, you don’t have to motivate them much. When a child or teen begins to enjoy meditation they will begin to explore their own God-given capabilities with Christ Jesus.

I hope this helps. We would love to hear your story. Please share your comments in the area below. We love you and we're praying for you every day.

Christie Alexandra

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