Simple Key to God's Spiritual Power

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

Imagine having the mind of God, or least a concentrated form of God in you. A spiritual brain that helps you think, speak, and act with understanding beyond your own. Not only does this holy presence influences who you are in positive ways, but it serves as protection from dark forces hell-bent on your destruction. With it, we receive more inner peace and calmness helpful in our day-to-day affairs. From time-to-time, as you meditate on God's mysteries in study and worship you receive insight. The presence delivers insight from afar without delay. Time and space cannot hinder the ways of our Lord so divine knowledge is instantly available.

The presence I speak of is the Godhead. The Godhead can exist in every person if desired. When the desire for God reaches white-hot intensity despite any difficulty, God responds by elevating heart, soul, and mind in holiness.

So how does the Spirit of God move into our mind and body? Belief. If you can close your eyes and for a few brief moments and believe that God loves you and accept God's love you will receive by grace.

With the love of God, you can receive anything, but the most precious thing you can receive is His presence which leads the soul to salvation. Without it, we stumble through the dark always hoping for the best. Jesus is the light of the mind who guides us in sure ways with eternal peace.

Our faith translates  God's power into mind and body making them a holy temple of thought and action.

So now we answer the question of discipline. Do accept with faith God's saving power and go on without discipline? The answer is no. God provides spiritual water for growth, but we provide the labor in the garden. God provides the seed, we provide its cultivation.

It is strong and unrelenting faith that helps discipline life into God's glory. The spiritual practices we adopt are dependent on how deeply we've dedicated our lives to God. Our love and appreciation are best expressed by the meditation of His word and meditative prayer. (John 14:23)  

Deep meditative love and worship of God are how we gain strength in the Lord's presence. Spirits or difficulties are unable to taunt us if we carefully and consistently cultivate the Word with love.

Prayerful meditation guides us in ways worthy of the Holy Presence bestowed upon us.

So here's the simple key to a powerful spiritual life - faith. Faith opens the door to unlimited power from God. Once you enter God's grace with faith cultivate your inner life with God's word, then be a good steward of the increase.

Love God, dedicate yourself to good works with a humble heart and God will bless you even more.

This is all the advice you need.

God bless you. See you in the kingdom.

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