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Written by: Jeff Ordonez

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Hi, Jeff Ordonez here from Christ Audio, where we develop scientific Christian meditation programs.

I put together 3 very brief audio messages because of something that has tremendously impacted my life and a few others that I believe will impact yours.

You probably know that because we going through reams of scientific documentation while analyzing the Bible we sometimes come across something extraordinary.

Well, this is one of those times.

Many of you know that I use the brain optimizer program several times a week. it's a good way to honor God with the gift breath He blessed us. Glory to Jesus!

What some of you may not know is that my early morning prayer habit involves deeply meditating on God's word in the book of Psalms and when I enter His grace is when I begin to pray for you and everyone on our list. During this time I go over special requests and bring all my prayer attention to God's throne.

My daily prayer habit has changed, it's now more focused and deeply devoted to God. The prayer time spent in God's grace is having unexpected effects.

I'm noticing that I'm more creative, more intuitive, more relaxed, and definitely more sensitive to God's ways. I feel more guided and closer to God. On several occasions, I noticed things in situations most people missed which were proven beneficial later.

Although I ask for guidance and help from God every day, I didn't ask for the rapid acceleration in the Spirit, it just happened on its own, or so it seemed.

This is what happened. About 3 months ago I said to my son, "Would it be great if we could combine the brain optimizer program with alpha/theta tones."

My logic was, since science proved God's word true that the breath is life to the body in many biochemical ways and rhythmic breathing optimizes brain waves and cognitive functions, then adding an alpha/theta tone could help more profoundly steady the mind while reading or contemplating on God's word.

Then I remembered this verse, "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast." Isaiah 26:3 So if we keep our mind steadily focused on God and His word, He will give us peace from heaven. I know most people have wandering minds when it comes to prayer or meditating on God's word so the effects of God's word are diminished.

So I thought I'd test the theory. My son produced the program with beautiful angelic voices, a theta tone, and brain optimizer sounds for proper rhythmic breathing.

The first time I tried it I was amazed. I started my daily prayer habit only this time I played the Super Theta Brain Optimizer. As I prayed with the book of Psalms I began to fall into the deepest devotional prayer I experienced.

It seemed as if I was in the kingdom of God through the Spirit of God. I humbly continued my devotional time for an hour and ended with prayers for you.

Throughout the day I felt a calm steady peace. I felt energized and extremely creative. I felt joy and a sense of levity kept me moving through all my work regardless of difficulty.

At the end of that day, I felt that I accomplished more than an entire week. Plus I had a very strong sense of God's presence.

The next day It tried again and the result was the same.

Well, weeks have gone by and I feel a powerful momentum with God's guidance. What I love the most is my meditative prayer time with God early in the morning. When you're that close to God, you don't want to leave.

So the program is now going through a few final modifications for its 2019 launch.

But, and you know I was going to do this. I love to give. Fortunately, my wife and son keep in check so I don't give away everything.

For a few days before Christmas, I want to give away a bunch of selected programs along with the new Super Theta Brain Optimizer.

I feel the new program has increased my creativity by 60 to 70% and my sense of peace has probably doubled. The result is more productivity in my day, better results in my life, a better understanding of people and God's word, and a supernatural relationship with God that guides me, protects me, and multiplies my effort.

I gave the program to a couple people I know and they report better sleep, calmness, and overall a better mood. One guy I actually told me he just feels smarter, which doesn't surprise me because there's tons of scientific evidence that shows how grey matter increases when the brain enters a state of relaxation.

The effect is much more powerful when the habit is combined with the contemplation of God's word. Jesus once said, "If you love you will keep my word and We will come and dwell in you." John 14:23

So if we contemplate on His word until it becomes the constant and natural thought of the mind, God himself will increase His presence in us.

So what scientists are discovering is the mechanism in the mind by which we are blessed through the contemplation of God's word. God is a genius, and scientists are catching up.

The only thing scientists are missing is that although we can trigger the mechanism through relaxation and meditation, the blessing of God's increased presence comes by the contemplation of His word. I'll show in the last video how we can make this a little easier.

So if you're interested in the possibility of improving your sense of peace, creativity, sleep, cognitive ability, and even your relationship with God, watch the next two short videos, where I show you the science behind the Super Theta Brain Optimizer and how to deliver hundreds of biblical messages to your brain every day. It's amazing!

You'll be able to listen to it for yourself, and then you can judge for yourself whether not it's right for you. Then all you have to do is download it to your phone and listen.

Remember I'm praying for you every morning usually between 4:30 and 6 AM and it's a pretty profound experience.

I want you to send me all your prayer requests. Since I've prayed for the same list for over ten years, I've learned that I love losing myself in prayer for you. The other thing I learned is that prayer is an act of lending our heart to God to the benefit of another. So please keep the prayers coming.

I love you, and I'll see you in a day or two in the next video.

God bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

See you in the kingdom.


Agatha Roosevelt

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