Super Theta Brain Optimizer For Better Christian Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Hi, Jeff Ordonez from Christ Audio where we make scientific Christian meditations.

I want to express my sincerest thanks to everyone who send emails. We receive them all the time and we love to hear from you. If you have a question, don't hesitate to email us anytime.

I'm also extremely excited because I'm detecting a lot of excitement from everyone at the possibilities of the Super Theta program. I can sense it.

So let's get right into it.

First, you learned that I commissioned my son to create a test version of the Super Theta program and that used it during my early morning prayer meditation.

Using it gave a profound sense of God while I prayerfully meditated with the Book of Psalms and for you.

During the day I felt energized, creative, and more peaceful than usual. The greatest benefit I can speak to is the closeness I felt with God.

In the last video, I showed you the science behind the program and why it works so well. You learned about how scientists proved true God's word about how our breath produces positive biochemical reactions in the body, and when it's cultivated with rhythmic breathing something incredible happens.

Researchers discovered that rhythmic breathing boosts our immune system, increases natural killer cells, even in cancer patients, and produces alpha and theta brainwaves in the brain.

Then you learned how our God-given ability to produce alpha/theta brainwaves during an awakened state increases brain matter density. Which is not the case with sleep.

You also learned that our program comes with an embedded tone to help you produce alpha/theta brainwaves, and the benefit of the activity is more creativity, better mood, increased productivity, and less stress and anxiety.

On a side note, you listened to a 1977 recording of interstellar sounds that sound like a choir of angels.

In this video, I'm showing the how the words of Jesus in John 14:23 are followed by this program to give you the maximum effect.

In John 14:23 Jesus says that anyone who loves Him will keep His word. Then He explains that anyone who keeps His word will receive the increased presence of God.

Today we know that when a person studies, concentrates, or focuses on anything they can produce alpha brainwaves. A state of alpha is how we best learn. This is much different when the brain is agitated or distracted.

So as I prayerfully read every sentence in the Book of Psalms while listening to the Super Theta program I'm doing exactly that. My brain is absorbing God's word in alpha/theta mode.

The activity helps me deeply ponder God's word and the longer I practice this the closer I feel to God.

This is what I want to talk to you about.

I know most people don't have an hour or two a day to meditate and pray. If you do, this is one the most profound experiences you can learn and practice and I fully encourage it.

If you don't, we came up with a simple solution for you to get the benefit of meditatively receive God's word.

We created 3 powerful devotionals with hundreds of biblical affirmations you can use with our new Super theta program.

#1 is 100 I Am Christian Affirmations - owning this audio means you'll develop profound thought about your life with Jesus.

#2 100 Christian Affirmations to a Miracle Driven Life - buy this audio and you'll improve your inner-sense of what's really possible with God.

#3 100 Christian Affirmations to a Jesus Powered Life - downloading this audio provides biblical messages to help you achieve full potential with Jesus.

Christie Alexandra

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