Super Theta Brain Optimzer 2-Minute Questionnaire



The greatest tool God blessed you with is your mind, that's why the enemy fights for every inch of space, and for good reason.

Doctors estimate that as much as 70% of sickness and stress starts in the mind. The NEW Super Theta program acts as a super enhancing tool that both develops your mind with God and acts as a protective shield from the enemy.

Plug in your headphones and listen to the soft angelic voices as the New Super Theta Brain Optimizer program helps implant hundreds of strong positive biblical messages with affirmation programs while your mind ascends to heavenly realms.

Nothing can overcome God, nothing!

Complete the above 2-minute survey and I will send you 3 instructional videos about how your mind works and how train it with God.

God bless you.

I'm praying for you every day.

See you in the kingdom.

Jeff Ordonez


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