The Best Way to Accept Anxiety and Win!

"And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted" Matthew 23:23

In case you haven't heard, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
(ACT) is a psychological therapy that focuses on acceptance.

The therapy is still developing and has been used since the 1950's with more developments each year. The concept teaches gradual increasing acceptance of your circumstance, the thoughts of your mind, and the symptoms you experience. Thousands of studied cases show that it can lead to increased psychological flexibility.

So instead of trying to repel, or forcibly exalt your will over the stressful moment, you calmly and gently start accepting it. Gradually and over the course of time you can develop what psychologists call psychological flexibility.

So what is psychological flexibility, setting aside technical description it means your mind can begin to experience the present moment because it's free from a harmful cycle of thoughts.

By developing your acceptance of anxiety, stressful situations, and purposefully exposing yourself to situations that may trigger anxiety, like public speaking, and gradually accepting each moment your mind will begin to relax.

This technique is most powerful when mentally performed before you know you're going to encounter a situation. So perhaps you know that in a few days you need to present at a meeting. The days prior to the meeting you should take some quiet time to reflect on the meeting and what stress you.

Start to reflect on what stresses you. Then start to reflect on why it's so silly to stress over those things. It's important to go through the process of thinking why it's unreasonable to stress over the situation. Taking written notes through the process is very helpful and can clear your mind very quickly.

This part of the exercise helps you create new mental pictures that can be physically and mentally emulated later during the event. Once you can clearly distinguish between the old anxious self, and the new the new you, close your eyes.

The Meditation

Take a few slow deep breaths and relax. After you feel relaxed start to humble yourself before God. Feel God's glory and power.

Take a few more deep breaths and let God's glorious power fill your entire being and watch the psychology that caused you grief fade away in God's light.

Take a few more deep breaths and begin to see the sound psychology you identified earlier. See it become stronger and stronger in God's light. Take a minute or two to perform this part of the exercise.

Now begin to see the future situation. See yourself radiant with God's glory, directed by the new psychology, and present with the peace you're experiencing right now. Do this part for about a minute or two.

Then slowly and gradually open your eyes. Let the experience linger in your mind. Relive it as much as you can and feel the sensations of peace.

How To Win With This Meditation

You just set up your brain for the future and the process is called cognitive diffusion/training. Before entering the meeting take a moment or two to relive your meditative vision. Feel it, sense, experience it. I know people to whom the experience is so real that they live it as real. That's what you need to do as much as possible.

Sometimes quick flashes of your mental experience may come to you as you speak and interact with others. I can assure you this is perfectly normal and a desired outcome. Go with the memory flashes and let them unfold in your mind during your meeting. Instead of being a bundle of jittery nerves you will feel a sense of peace and confidence, go with that feeling.

Acceptance therapy is theorized to protect against the avoidance of certain situations, thoughts, or emotions because it provides the tools to move through situational events.

The goal is to reduce your struggle when exposed to experiences and situations.

If you haven't noticed, the entire therapy is based on humility. Humility to acknowledge the problem. Humility in accepting the problem. Humility in accepting help from a greater power - God. Humility in allowing a greater power to transform you.

He who humbles himself shall be exalted. Looks like doctors are catching up to Jesus.

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