The Most Important Article About The Commandments of Jesus

There are 613 laws that God spoke to His people Israel. Out of these 613 laws, many cannot be performed by Christians because they can only be followed by certain past tribes of Israel and within its geographic boundaries.

Within God’s laws, there are universal precepts that all of us can follow for the edification and blessing of our soul. The best way for you to make the commandments of God part of your life is to read them and to listen to them. But which ones?

Fortunately, Jesus divinely espoused the universal commandments for all people to follow. Regardless of ethnicity or geographic location, the 120 Commandments laid out by Jesus in the gospels is the word you need to prosper spiritually and physically. The word of God does not return void.

Everything God's word touches undergoes a divine transformation.

Have you gathered enough of God's word you need to stride through life with power? Have you learned enough of God's word to advance with supernatural help?

You have a definite part in the theater of life, and God is waiting. How definite? You'll realize it when you concentrate and meditate on the 120 Commandments.

Your life, your future, and the results from everything you do depends on how you develop your inner being.

Sow seeds ripe with God's word, and you'll make dramatic gains with a superpower that never ceases. Plant the weeds of the world and the harvest will be disappointing.

There is no sale on the purchase of God's knowledge. It all has to be taken in with time and effort. The time and effort you put into cultivating the knowledge and meaning of the Commandments of Jesus is something that stays in your mind.

The 120 Commandments of Jesus webpage deals with the accessibility you need to the best laws of God you can follow.

The Commandments of Jesus teach you specifically how to develop spiritually and how to proceed forward with God's grace and power. Learning them through meditation and practice gives you the training necessary to fulfill your part in life, and that's not all.

The effect of the Commandments of Jesus is so sure that no intelligent man in history could ever duplicate their value or scope. Few people dispute their social, commercial, and spiritual worth.

Click here to read the 120 Commandments of Jesus - read them, learn them, meditate on them, and practice them for 30 days. Test them any way you like and let us know if you are willing to part with them.

Jesus once said, "If you love Me you will keep My commandments." Do you love your Savior to follow His commandments?

I believe once you cultivate your mind with the commandments of Jesus you will not part with them for any amount of money.

Click on this link and start cultivating your heart, soul, mind, and body with the most influential concepts in the universe. Get started!

Thank you. God Bless. See you in the kingdom.
Jeff Ordonez

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