The Power Of Your Creative Imagination

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Growing up in a poverty-stricken home young John Rockefeller was no stranger to the stressful plight of necessity. Occasionally he'd experience normalcy when his father returned from extended trips flush with cash but as soon as he left so did the money.

His mother instilled in strict Christian values to all the children. Values like hard work, diligence, and thriftiness were the norm at the old home. One Sunday morning little John listened his mother converse with their church pastor. The pastor briefly paused from the exchanged and bent over toward John. The tall, well-spoken preacher, said, "John, make as much as you can, then give away as much as you can."

The advice from the imposing figure influenced John to become one the wealthiest men in our history. Upon his death in 1937, John Rockefeller had an estimated net worth $340 billion in today's money. That's more than four times the wealth of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

The image you have of yourself is who you become. Your imagination can bring blessings, or it can wreak havoc on your personality and life. Your imagination fuels positive or negative mental patterns that cause pain or happiness, fortune or misfortune.

The vault of your subconscious, where you inner dialog projects ideas, thoughts, and images that bounce around in your brain to create the logic of your life. The contents of your subconscious are responsible how you see yourself and whether or not you succeed in life.

It alone determines how you feel about goals, how you view yourself accomplishing them, and ultimately the outcome. The good news is that God favored humanity with free will. You have the key to the vault, and it's called free will. You are free to cultivate your mind any way you want.

The astonishing fact about the subconscious is that it energizes your brain to seek the culmination of what it deems real. If we purposefully construct our subconscious to reflect an ideal situation or goal, our mind will move in the direction of the ideal.

Conversely, if we don't cultivate our inner space, it begins to influence our trajectory toward a combination of mixed undefined concepts. Failure to refine and develop our internal life with concise knowledge about what we want, God, and the world around us, results in struggle and resistance from life to deliver. The mechanism can't be turned off and is there to help you.

The key to positively living with purpose and power is to be aware that your God-given creative energies are directed and supported by this wonderful mechanism called the subconscious.

This little device, which operates in the middle of your brain, helps you to accomplish in tremendous ways. The second key to living with purpose and power is cultivation. You must cultivate your subconscious mind with positive thoughts in alignment with your goals.

If you don't cultivate your subconscious with thoughts, ideas, images, and concepts surrounding your final destination you will have a hard time arriving. If on the other hand you continually feed the subconscious positive images, thoughts, and ideas, your entire being becomes organized around one purpose, and your God-given power will seek it out.

The best way to describe the process is by God's natural law of germination. When you plant a seed, you make sure it gets enough sun, moisture, and food. The once dormant grain becomes stimulated by all the elements you introduced to it. Then something beautiful happens, a small green stalk it bursts open, life!

You have no power over the energy that enables the biochemistry of the seed to spring forth with interlaced-cells that take form, yet there they are. You only know that you want it to blossom and that if you nurture it the right way God will do the rest and you get what you want.

Well, how much more valuable are you than a plant? God put the same mechanism in you, and it's called the subconscious. The subconscious causes you to believe or not believe in something, it stimulates your nervous system, moves you with emotion, and energizes every word, thought, and action with purpose and power.

All you have to do is plant the right seed in your subconscious, nurture it with the light of positive thinking, water it with constant study and practice, prune it with discipline, and uproot the weeds of negativity as they appear around it.

The gentle, care, love, and effort you put into cultivating the seed of definite purpose in the temple of your mind will yield a mighty tree whose leaves and fruit won't wither. It will not fade or shrink because when a seed is cultivated in service to God and others, it receives God's lasting power.

Seeds cultivated in greed, anger, jealousy, lust, selfishness, or envy may spring up for a while but are short-lived and provides little or no satisfaction to its owner.

Unlike the seed planted in soil, you have free will. The seed you plant in the ground cannot say what type of seed it wants to be, you, however, determines the spiritual genetics of your seed. You decide the result or future outcome. The ability to define a projected result is not for the great thinkers of the world. It's for all people, you and me.

Setting aside a serious disability, we can think through a vision until it is established as reality in the mind. It works on virtual autopilot every minute of our life to resolve the picture of the mind. We succeed or fail to succeed not because of willpower, but because of the incompatibility between our inner mind and outer mind.

The subconscious holds what we truly believe about ourselves and the world, and it overrules any goal you have in mind. Orient the subconscious belief system toward a goal and you will have a much smoother time achieving what you want. This is how God built you.

When we think of a miraculous healing or the amazing feats performed during hypnosis, what we observe is the alignment of conscious and subconscious thought working as together as one. The adjustment appears to work miracles, but what we actually witness is thought accepted as reality in the subconscious executed by the conscious mind as truth. What is real to you on the inside is real to you on the outside, that's how God wired you.

An interesting passage of scripture comes to mind. Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Then in verse three, it states that the process by which God made the universe is exactly the same.

The precept implies that God created us in His likeness with the ability to manifest things from the recesses of our mind. The concept is sound and proven true by the remarkable capabilities every day.

The method makes the ordinary into extraordinary. John Rockefeller was a less than an ordinary man hampered by severe poverty, but a seed was planted at an early age. His young, vivid imagination no doubt exploded with dreams and visions of himself accomplishing exploits the world never saw.

The story of his life concludes with him gifting more than half of his wealth to the construction of hospitals and churches, art museums, medical research, educational programs, and numerous other philanthropic ventures. His legacy continues with his children as they give the money away.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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