This 5-Minute Christian Meditation Is The Secret To A Better Day


Having trouble focusing during the day? Maybe a short Christian meditation can help.

ChristAudio has proven that everyone has time to meditate. All it takes is just a few minutes a day. Our app has a nice collection of mini meditation that can put you in a state of one with the Prince of peace – Jesus. In many cases you need less than 10 minutes.

While many people consider Christian meditation to be a way spiritually connect with Jesus, it can also help you improve focus while increasing your energy, naturally.

For many years ChristAudio has taught and trained students the ancient art of Christian meditation, and today is no different. In this article we share 

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Step 1: Affirmation

The first thing you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So before you start a hectic day, close your eyes and begin to love Jesus. Love Jesus with all your heart, soul, and mind. Think about all the things you are grateful for in the presence of the Lord.

Step 2: Go Deeper

The most asked question we get is “My mind is so distracted. How do I go deeper in meditation with Jesus?” The answer is breath. When God made us, He made us by the breath of His mouth, and that breath is in you as a living intelligent energy. By focusing on God's breath in you, you focus on God's presence.

So focus on your breath, if thoughts intervene, let go, and focus on the breath again. Pay attention on the natural breathing cycle God ordained in your body and your mind will soon become serene enough to love God entirely.

Step 3: Purpose

Once your mind enters a serene state you can begin to set the tone for the day. Focus on scripture that brings meaning to your life, or that motivates you with purpose. Isolate 1 or 2 verses the night before and focus on those before launching into you daily activities. Mentally repeating, or visualizing, a significant verse like” All things are possible with Jesus. I am in Jesus” can invigorate you and sets up your mind with possibility and optimism.

The entire process can take as little as 5 minutes, and you practice this technique before you get out of bed. Simple and effective. Additionally, you can practice this 5 minute meditation several times throughout the day. Try it before lunch, after work, or anytime you need a quick break from the world.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Do you have any favorite Christian meditation techniques that help you during the day. We'd love hear about it. Post them below and share. Thanks.

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