Top 10 Christian Affirmations For Healing

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


When you love God, and when you bring Him into your heart, the rewards are extraordinary. Healing is one of the benefits, and this is where the subject of Christian affirmations for healing gets interesting.

Healing is a concept that can be realized in a variety of ways and affirmations for healing can strengthen our resolve to get physically or emotionally better, especially when faced with something that might qualify as a legitimate medical crisis. At the same time, Christian affirmations for healing can also help to heal us from within. There are so many things that can make us feel ill, and most agree that it starts with the mind. Even in our worst hour we can look toward the light (John 8:12) and overcome all things with motivation from above.

Making contact with God in thought has been the source of hundreds, if not thousands, of healing stories. Some even medically verified. So how does this work, and how do we make medical miracles a common occurrence?

The simple answer is faith and the word of God. It is recounted in the Bible that many miracles were performed because of a person's faith in God. But we are also told that if we pray without doubting we will receive. (Matthew 21:21-22) And the most powerful form of prayer is God's word. When we adopt God's word as the template of prayer we audibly manifest His word in the flesh and show ourselves to be born of God.

Bible based prayers, and affirmations which are prayers of faith and belief, are very powerful and have the potential of moving one's entire life.

Healing Affirmations For Christians

Your body was made by God. Since God loves you, it certainly stands to reason that your body was designed for your greater good. Eager to get started? Below are the most renown healing affirmations for Christians. They have been chanted, prayed, but most of all believed in faith.

  1. God strengthens me and helps me. Isaiah 41:10
  2. God heals me and saves me. I praise Him. Jeremiah 17:14
  3. Jesus suffered for my healing. I accept it. Isaiah 53:5
  4. I pray in faith. I am healed. All is forgiven. James 5:15
  5. Truth resides in me. I am healthy. 3 John 1:12
  6. I call upon all assistance to be healed. James 5:14
  7. My mind is focused on a joyful life. It heals me. Proverbs 17:22
  8. Jesus heals me and forgives me. 1 Peter 2:24
  9. God heals with an abundance of peace and truth. Jeremiah 33:6
  10. I bless God. He forgives, heals, and redeems me. He crowns me me with love from above. Psalms 103:2-4

I hope these affirmations will help you on the road to a healthy and happy life, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you.

Be sure to share them friends and family, or with anyone who might need a little help in life. God bless. We love you and we're praying for you.

Andrew Norman Wilson

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