Top 10 Christian Morning Affirmations


When you begin your day with Christian morning affirmations, you are beginning your day honoring God. By affirming God's word and promises you acknowledge God is all powerful and all knowing. What could be better than that? Beyond the fact that mentally repeating positive thoughts are just a good idea in general, there are some unique benefits to starting your day with them.

In the first place, you are taking advantage of one of your most important times of the day. The morning presents a wonderful opportunity to start your day off right. The morning hours also present a great potential to better internally absorb the concepts affirmed.

But its effectiveness is entirely up to you. Once you make up your mind to start every morning reading, thinking, speaking, and praying with biblical affirmations, your spiritual journey will accelerate with power from on high. The main long-term benefits are, a positive outlook on life, enhanced optimism, and new thought patterns that can guide you through the rough patches of life. They can literally change the way you think, speak, and act.

Obviously, it is also worth keeping in mind that Christian morning affirmations can also help you to enjoy a fuller, stronger relationship with God.

Ten Best Christian Affirmations For The Morning

Even on the ugliest, most sorrowful days of life, God is there for us. More to the point, God wants us to enjoy Him. From the day of our birth to the day of our death, God wants to us to explore life with Him to the fullest. For this, we should praise Him and give Him thanks daily. As we all know, the benefits of thanking God are numerous. Using scripture to construct your Christian affirmation for the morning is a great way to put the focus on God. When your focus on Him in this way, your relationship with God will profoundly change.

Here's the ten most

  1. In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice. Psalms 5:3
  2. You satisfy me with unfailing love. Psalms 90:14
  3. In the morning I will pray to you Oh LORD. Mark 1:35
  4. I seek you with all my heart. Psalms 119:105
  5. My soul thirsts for you LORD. Psalms 63:1-11
  6. I fear not the perils of the day. You are with me. Psalms 91:5-7
  7. My souls awakens to you Oh LORD. You are my morning light. Psalms 57:8
  8. In the beginning there was only You, LORD. Genesis 1:1-31
  9. My thoughts and words will reflect You today, Oh LORD. Psalms 19:14
  10. I love you LORD, enlighten me with your Spirit. Proverbs 8:17

What are your favorite morning affirmations. We'd love to know. Post them below to share them with others. We love you and we're praying for you.

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