Top 5 Teas That Fight Anxiety And Depression

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


It’s really easy to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and allow a flood of emotions and feelings get the best of us in times of stress and trouble. Even the most devout and dedicated Christians have a tough time shaking off the inevitable barrage of negative feelings after being confronted with challenging situations. And that's just the beginning.

We live in a world that is so rapidly changing. Every hour, every minute, there seems to be new developments and our communication can overload us from the moment we wake up. Many people become so overloaded with the frantic pace of life that the the solid foundation of faith crumbles beneath them giving way to anxiety and depression.

Even the most dedicated Christians find themselves challenged to stay clear of the debilitating mental vortex know as anxiety and depression. They know trapped in the clutches of the enemy the future looks pretty dark and bleak.

But what do you do if you're caught in the rap? Or if want feel like sliding into the vortex? Well, the most sound advice I can give you is find a counselor or doctor. The Bible states that success comes from consulting experts. So you first line of defense should be to get wisdom from others. Yes, there is also a lot of information on the internet today, but a personal consultation can never compare.

Aside from professional consultations, exercise, diet, and inspiring content can lift a person up. Surrounding oneself with positive people also helps. There is a number of different things we can do to fight back against the demons that want to pull us deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Rely on your Christian community to fight back, and put our belief in the Lord that he will see you through all things and deliver true abundance in love. Be sure to praise God and worship Him everyday. The more time you spend praising and worshiping God the less likely you are to be effected by the vortex of anxiety and depression.

At the same time, it is incredibly important that we feed our bodies properly as we feed our soul.

While we should always maintain a healthy of whole organic foods low on sugar and processing chemicals we can enhance the effect of a healthy diet with calming teas available. Teas help us relax and unwind. This can be highly beneficial when you need to start focusing in positive ways.

To help you fight back, we've outlined some of the very best teas you can begin drinking on a regular basis to enjoy real relief almost instantaneously.

Ashwagandha Tea

Though not exactly the easiest to pronounce tea option on the market right now, this is one of the most powerful, the most potent, and the most reputable tea available anywhere to help you clear your mind, unload your stress, and freed your consciousness and your soul.

Used for thousands of years by people looking to help lighten the load of anxiety at any particular time. This is a powerhouse all-natural element that can be (in conjunction with your faith) a literal game changer.

Ashwagandha normalizes the function of the adrenal glands located above the kidneys which produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is released during stressful times and cawreak havoc on the human body if released continuously. After taking Ashwagandha supplements, or tea, for 2 to 3 days most people feel a sense of calm, or steadiness, which enables them to move ahead in life with renewed enthusiasm.

Hawthorne Tea

Scientifically proven to have a tremendous effect on relaxing and calling down your cardiovascular system – especially for folks dealing with hypertension, high blood pressure, and elevated levels of stress and anxiety – this tea has the power to almost effortlessly relax and unwind your mind and your body in an instant.

A unique tasting (but not at all unpleasant) tea, this is an all-natural solution designed specifically by God himself to help you relax and relive the pressure you may feel the world has placed on you.

Valerian Root Tea

Though not specifically a “anxiety or depression relief tea”, the biochemicals and flavonoids in this 100% all-natural ingredients are going to work to settle your mind, free your consciousness, and allow your soul to more effectively commune with God during prayer and meditation.

It’s not at all uncommon to feel as though you are completely weightless when you have indulged in this beverage and combined it with conscious meditation and prayer. Many have called this a life- changing all-natural ingredient and cannot go more than a couple of days without it.

But be mindful when you consume it. Some people report drowsiness. It's best to test it and see what effect it has on your body.

California Poppy Tea

Perhaps most commonly used as a headache reliever for those that aren’t keen or excited to indulge in pharmaceutical chemical concoctions, this hot beverage is going to release a number of specific hormones in your body through a cascade of biochemical reactions that settle your spirit, quiet the mind, and enlighten the soul.

The natural elements in this beverage are going to soothe your entire body right down to your central nervous system. You’ll find yourself automatically and instantaneously relaxing from top to bottom, and along the way you’ll be able to focus your mind and your attention on communing with the Lord rather than becoming distracted or overwhelmed by all of the action and activity that has been stressing you out.

This tea is also used in treating sleep disorders like insomnia, you’ll be able to relax so well that you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep each night exactly when you intend to without ever having to worry about oversleeping are waking up fatigued.

Lemon Balm Tea

The biochemicals in this tea act as a mild sedative just as God intended, and that means that you’re going to be able to dramatically improve your body’s natural ability to fight stress, pressure, and anxiety after just taking a couple of sips of this beverage.

It’s of the utmost importance that you do not consume this kind of tea on a regular basis, only because you will inevitably inhibit and limit the beneficial impacts of this natural sedative through repeated exposure of the biochemicals to your body.

At the end of the day, any of these teas will help you to relax, unwind, and regain control land composure of your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll feel a much deeper connection with God as well your faith.

We'd love to hear from you. What teas do you drink to help ward off anxiety and depression? Please share below and help others.

We love you and we're praying for you.

Agatha Roosevelt

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