Top 6 Best National Parks For Christian Meditation

Satisfy your hunger for outdoor Christian Meditation in one of these natural havens.


There are few things better than an outdoor meditation session with the Lord. 

Not only can you receive the rejuvenating benefits of being in the peaceful presence of God, but you also get to experience the impact of the fresh breeze, the aroma of trees, and the warmth of the sun.

Undoubtedly, spending time in nature can refresh heart, mind, and soul. And if you’re looking for the perfect spot for the perfect Christian meditation and will be traveling soon, why not add outdoor meditation to your itinerary? Read scripture among tall pines. Pray on a mountaintop during sunrise. Chant the name of Jesus in the forest at sunset. The possibilities are endless!

Regardless of your preference, we’ve assembled the best parks to help you practice your meditation in the great outdoors.

Acadia National Park, Maine

The Acadia National Park is located on Atlantic Coastline and known for its rocky beaches and inspiring granite peaks. Meditating in Acadia Park lifts the senses, allowing for a deep connection with Christ Jesus, the author and creator of things. This park offers a constant sea breeze, stunning sunrises, and beautiful views.

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Cliffs, canyons, bridges, and domes, the Capitol Reef National Park has it all. If you like rich earth colors and jetting peaks you'll love the Capitol park. Known for Waterpocket Fold, where layers of vivid sedimentary rock display astonishing cliff patterns. And if you're looking for dry desert air for health reasons, this is your spot!

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend is where desert meets grassy knolls. This park is an oasis that delights the eyes. With its amazing views and serene desert plains, Big Bend offers tranquility for the busy mind. Red rocks paint the mountain range bustling with wildlife. The best time to practice Christian meditation at Big Bend is during one of the glorious sunsets or on a clear night when the black canvas is sprinkled with stars. Early mornings pose and extraordinary opportunity for the one meets God at day break.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

With what seems like an innumerable number of peeks Bryce canyon offers unending jagged beauty. The fiery earth tones make for beautiful morning and sunset meditations. Night sky meditations are also perfect for those who love moonlight.

Glacier National Park, Montana Join thousands of people who know the secret of Glacier National Park. Majestic peaks, lakes, and mountain vegetation will stimulate your senses long after you leave. This park offers rolling landscapes of glacier-cut peaks and rugged valleys. This paradise is a mountain-lover’s dream come true. Try meditating at Saint Mary Lake for maximum inspiration.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Ever wonder what heaven looks like? Tall order to fill, but Grand Teton definitely offers a taste of heaven. The most well know area is Jackson Hole, but there are many more beautiful locations where you launch a mediation with the Lord. The park views come straight from a storybook, complete with wildlife and flower-filled fields.

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