Top 7 Best Christian Meditation Bible Verses

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


What are the best Christian meditation Bible verses? The great thing about this question is that there are a number of different answers you can answer it!

How The Bible Helps Us Meditate

We understand that the main point of Christian meditation is to bring us closer to God. It is designed to create a state of pure relaxation so we can entirely let God be within us. The end result of our meditation can leave us feeling as though God’s love radiates through every fiber of our very being.

Christian meditation is a legitimate means of not only enjoying its physical and mental benefits, but of strengthening our relationship with the Lord. To that end, there are a number of different things you can do to improve how you focus on God, including a list of the best Christian meditation Bible verses.

Taking verses that have strong significance in your relationship to God is paramount. You can also focus on what you would like to achieve through your relationship with God. Isolating scripture for these purposes will greatly enhance your spiritual journey and prove to be invaluable tools for finding the inner peace mediation requires.

Best Christian Meditation Bible Verses

Meditating on the word of God can give you the foundation you need for an extraordinary session.

Here are seven top verses most Christian mediators consider key to meditation success:

1. God’s faithfulness (2 Peter 2:9): This pertains to the notion that in the end, only God understands all things at all times and interacts with all humans at all times. We must trust that His love will carry us through all the peaks and valleys. So rest in His faithfulness as you meditate.

2. Love (1 Corinthians 13:1): What is the defining element to the teachings of Christ? What is the most powerful element his disciples followed? That’s right. Love. It is love that serves as the firmest bridge between us and God. Love will always find its way into any list of the best Christian meditation Bible verses. In fact God is love. So when you embody love during your meditation, you embody God.

3. God's mercy (Romans 5:8): It is difficult for us to imagine dying for those we don't believe in us or worst yet may even despise us. Yet Christ died for all who don't believe and even for those despise Him. That's the mercy of God in action. If you let go in the mercy of God during meditation a world of love and forgiveness will open up in your heart you never thought possible. Try it.

4. God’s forgiveness (Corinthians 5:21): There is quite simply no limit to what God’s forgiveness is capable of. There is no one sin that cannot be forgiven. This is a notion that we encounter many times throughout the Bible, and it is a notion of particular significance and urgency in this passage from Corinthians. By embodying forgiveness during your meditation you will embody Christ's self sacrificial quality, a state of being from from the ego-self.

5. The Lord at your side (Corinthians 5:21): One of the most powerful meditative thoughts you could have is going to be centered on the knowledge that no matter, and no matter where you are, the Lord is right there with you. There are those who would say God is unfair, but consider the sacrifice of His son. He died for our sins! He died to make us capable of accepting God’s love. In terms of the best Christian meditation Bible verses, it really doesn’t get much simpler than that. God is with you, and His name is Jesus.

6. God is with you (Genesis 39:20-21): Remember the trials Joseph was made to endure? This portion of Genesis reveals the unrelenting tide of trials and ugliness that Joseph was forced to encounter for a prolonged period of time. Few have gone through what Joseph has gone through. Why didn’t he complain? Why didn’t he protest? Because he knew God was with him. You are a Christian who was born anew by your faith in Jesus. As a Christian you live in Christ through whom you have access to God (John 14:6). Meditate “in” Christ so you may experience God the Father. This is a very powerful meditation.

7. God's compassion (Psalm 103:13-14): There are a number of great biblical concepts to meditate upon, and the book Psalms provides plenty of fodder. This is perhaps one of the best books in the Bible for one of God's key attributes, compassion. This is another example of the splendid, profound spiritual elements God displays for us through His universe. I imagine God displays His compassion every second of the day so we may see His love at work. Just considering how God sacrificed for us brings many people to tears. Ruminating over God's compassion will completely humble a person. This type of meditation is perfect for relinquishing the self while placing full faith in God, because it is through His compassion that His spiritual forces works for all people.

Finding Your Own Top Christian Meditation Bible Verses

Although we certainly stand by the above list of the best Christian meditation Bible verses, it is worth keeping in mind that more can be added. It is important to create surroundings that allow you to enter a state of meditation in a way that connects you to God, but the guiding principles of the Bible is what will truly make a difference. So developing your own list of Christian meditation bible verses will help increase your awareness of God.

What do you think you might come up with? Which verses of The Bible do you feel could be the most beneficial during meditation? We would love to know. Please type your favorite meditation bible verse below and share with others.

We love you and we're praying for you.

Agatha Roosevelt

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