What Is Faith-Visioning?

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Faith-visioning is a term I coined a while back when teaching the principle outlined in Hebrews 11:1.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

According to the Bible, faith is the structure or the nature of something we expect envisioned in mind. In other words, whatever we hope for must have a real tangible presence in our imagination. Paul, the author, goes on to explain that, faith in something unseen in the physical realm has its evidence in substantial thought.

Two verses later, Paul tells the reader that God Himself created the universe in the same manner. The striking point about the principle is that it unveils a characteristic of our potential very few people consider and may be harmed by its lack of use.

Let me explain. God created you and me in His image. As images of God manifested in the body, He endowed us with similar aptitudes and powers, one of them is the ability to visualize something into existence.

Faith-Visioning is the use and development of our God-given gift to mentally see things as real. Faith-Visioning is how the woman who bled for many years obtained healing from Jesus (Matthew 9:20-22), and how a couple of blind men were made to see (Matthew 9:27-31). In each case, Jesus points out that their faith, or the substance of their hope, made them well.

As Jesus touches the two blind men, He says, "According to your faith be it done to you." I often wonder what the outcome might have been if one of the men had little or no faith. The scripture tells us that their blindness vanished because of their faith, with little or no belief the miracle would have probably never happened.

Now imagine what it was like to be one of the two blind men. Imagine for months hearing about a man who traveled from town to town performing spectacular miracles. Rumors were that He was the Son of God, the prophesied Messiah and that He had God's power in His hands. Day after day reports describe hundreds of healings. You receive word that He walks on water, casts demons from people, feed thousands of people with just several loaves of bread, and has the power to control the weather. For months you hear the stories and talk to individuals who witness the events.

Your faith starts to wells up. Hope and expectation start to bubble up in your heart and pictures of your healing cross your mind.

Days, week, months, maybe a year or two go by, and reports of Jesus keep coming. Your faith grows stronger each day in your vision. Your enthusiasm bursts forth with more images of the encounter with Jesus and a new life. With the entire event substantiated in mind, your excitement brims with an intensity that makes everything so real. So authentic is the mental picture you can feel it with your body. It overtakes your entire mind and overcomes all doubt and fear.

This one compelling idea, one manifest reality you have in mind starts to produce derivative thought about your life. Your emotions follow and your conversation changes. Your future encounter with Jesus leads you in every way.

Then one day the announcement comes, "Jesus is coming!" You stand up with a surge of emotion and your mind kicks into high gear. You mentally picture the meeting, and the scene plays out in your mind for the millionth time.

There's a commotion in the city. People scurry around you. You hear crowds gathering. Voices are heard declaring, "It's Jesus!" Your mind explodes, your hope, your faith, and your vision stimulate every cell in your body and with a surge of adrenaline you move toward the noise, nothing can stop you. Without hesitation and total abandon, your voice booms, "Lord have mercy on us!".

Everything you dreamed, expected and hoped for has culminated in this one moment. You fall on your knees and hear silence.

From the quietness, you sense an approaching presence. You feel a gentle touch, and hear the words, "According to your faith be it done to you."

The darkness you once saw turns to light. Blurred images make their way into your brain. You squint, blink, and rub your eyes. Something is happening. Things come into focus. You begin to see.

Suddenly you realize everything you dreamed is becoming real, and it's much better than you expected. You can see! The burden of blindness is gone, you feel free. Your spirit soars, and you leap with unbound happiness. Your long-held vision is real.  

What I just described is faith-visioning. Faith-visioning is your natural ability to picture something in mind with intense emotion and spirit. It bubbles up from inside as something authentic and tangible and stirs your God-given potential.

Faith-visioning opens the door divine power because it allows you to enter God's realm with belief. (Matthew 21:21-22)

The practice is something that God supports and even encourages. In the example of the woman who bled many years, Jesus replied to her like this, "Be of good cheer, your faith has made you well."

God loves it when we use abilities He created in us. There are millions of people who unnecessarily yield to life's misfortunes. There is no need to suffer in agony. When God put a mirror image of His power and ability in us He meant for us to use it. Without the capability to envision something and pursue it, the enemy would supremely reign over us, and our free will would fade to nothing.

The battles humanity struggles with everyday cease when a small quantity of faith captures our imagination. A hopeful thought or idea that sinks deep into your mind can germinate and spawn new concepts and insights while allowing God's power to aid you.

Realizing the ineffectiveness of their faith, the apostles ask Jesus to increase the strength of their belief. Jesus replies to their request by saying that a person needs only a small amount of faith to perform miracles, like uprooting trees and casting mountains into the sea, seemingly unnecessary acts. (Luke 17:5-6, Matthew 17:20)

Jesus compares the amount of faith needed to move trees and mountains to a grain of mustard seed. That's all the power you need, and the power you have in your mind right now. A small amount of faith that is in alignment with God and continuously held in esteem transmits God's steady power to all parts of mind and body, and will eventually manifest the desired result.

Doubt and fear are the greatest destroyers of miracles, but faith is much stronger because God backs it. The answer to a successful outcome is persistence and hard work. Continuously holding a thought with profound faith will enliven the images in your mind. It makes them real and substantial. (Hebrews 11:1) Then you must do your part and go to work. Like the woman who bled and the two blind men, you must be compelled by your vision, get up, and move in the direction of the envisioned miracle.

It will take work, and your faith must withstand any test. For that reason, you must guard, defend, shield, nurture, and expose your seed of faith to God's light in His holy word.

Daily reading of scripture related to faith will help in the development of your faith-strength. Make it a practice to meditate on all passages about faith. Let the thoughts of the Divine One sink deep into your subconscious mind and let them work a miracle from the inside.

If you aren't actively watching over your seed, doubt and fear will puncture a hole in your expectancy, then the life energy you receive from your hope will dissipate, and you will return to the usual doldrums of life. Be sure to be a watchful guard to your mind. Don't let any negativity or pessimism get in. If you find a negative thought, replace it with an idea of faith provided to you by scripture.

The potential of your vision is unlimited, and God is very understanding and accepting about how you use His gift. In the examples provided by Luke 17:5-6, Matthew 17:20 Jesus talks about making trees and mountains move at will, a grand activity with little meaning.

Can you use your power to put a new car in your driveway? Sure. Putting a car in your driveway is much less than moving trees and mountains. It's especially okay if the vehicle you have requires constant repair is the source of pain and despair. Is it okay to use your power to put car number ten in your driveway? Probably not. Greed might be the driving force in this example. Rest assured no one can mock God.

There two certain rules to keep you out of trouble and on the straight and narrow path, love and humility.

If you are motivated to empower your faith in love for God and others, chances are you're on the right track. You can never go wrong helping others in need while serving God.

In the example where an old car is the source of pain, we can easily rationalize that God loves us and He wants us to live without a heavy burden. God's love for us is another standard by which you can measure your desire for something.

Humility is the second rule. By humbly submitting yourself to God while practicing faith-visioning you will find the greatest power, and your values will line up with God. If your values aren't in harmony with God while you humble yourself, then you need to adjust accordingly.

Your faith power must be subject to Jesus. Jesus is the originator of your faith power. He is also the one who can perfect it. (Hebrews 12:2) Practicing faith-visioning must always be in harmony with God's word. If you follow the wise instruction of the Bible you will be in good company like Abel, Enoch, Noah, the list goes on. (Hebrews 11:4 - 40)

Here's some news that may surprise you, maybe even shock you a little. You can't turn off your visioning power. It's a built-in mechanism that is always on, and it's constantly returning to you what you think.

Many Bible verses address the idea that thought is the origin of all action, and therefore the condition of our life. Jesus on multiple occasions taught that out of the heart, or the inner being, thoughts, ideas, and concepts are conjured into existence and then manifested by the will. (Matthew 15:19, Mark 7:21)

Just like you can't turn off your will-power, you cannot turn off your vision power. You reap what you sow says the Bible.

The power to think, visualize, and then perform the object of our purpose can bring lasting peace and divine energy into our life and body. It can also produce tragic results. So be careful about how you spend the mental energy God gives you.

Many people praise Job, the elder of our faith, with all manner of accolade. In the writings of the Bible Job is seen a man of great faith. Even in the face of spectacular adversity, he remains faithful to God. I'm going to share with you one of the most terrible verses in the Bible, and it's out of the book of Job.

"For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me." (Job 3:25) This verse needs no interpretation. If you read it in the Hebrew language, it amplifies the fact that Job was in a constant state of fear, maybe even panic over something he continuously held in mind before the terrible events that wiped out his family, business, and property. And it happened just like he envisioned it. Don't let that happen to you.

Our vision power is always on, and God always returns to us what we hold true in thought. In the end, God has mercy on Job and restores everything he lost. The message is quite clear, man has power but is foolish in how he manages it.

Use your power to serve God and people, and you will be okay. If you need help or healing, it's okay to empower your faith with a clear, definite outcome.

There are hundreds of scientific studies supporting the power of faith, and not just in the medical field. Entrepreneurs report that faith can move mountains of difficulties and helps them to face insurmountable adversity.

The scripture that comes to mind is, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." But without faith, the power of Christ in you is weak, or worse, dead.

Fan the flames of faith with your God-given spiritual powers. Live and dream in your faith, let it take over your heart, soul, mind, and life. Let God be the power that brings to pass the things you hope for and empower the substance of your thought. Do it with focus, purpose, and quiet determination, and God will see you through.

May it be done according to your faith.

God bless you. We're praying for you. See you in the kingdom.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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