What Is Super Theta Brain Charger?

How And Why Christian Meditation Changes Genetic Activity

Super Theta Brain Charger is a Christian guided meditation pioneered by ChristAudio especially designed to stimulate the Holy Spirit within us, while helping focus the mind positive genetic activity. 

Advanced discoveries about how mind and body affect our genomics were adopted into a meditative program allowing the user to garner the benefits of the most scientific research. Top health practices have always included meditation as a key element, but Christian meditation has the special quality of increasing the presence of God within us by the meditation of His word, another factor that differentiates ChristAudio programs from the rest.

Proverbs 4:21 - 22 explains that the activity of "keeping" the Word in the mind becomes the "health of the flesh". This passages expresses positive gene activity.

Although Dr Herbert Benson documented enhance positive genetic activity after meditation exercises, which the Bible declared thousands of years ago, the intangible presence of God enters into those who work to cultivate the mind with God's word.

John 14:23 states that whoever "keeps" the Lord's word will have an increased presence of God. Scripture confirms Dr. Benson's findings, but goes further to explain that spiritual changes happens, one most Christians desire.

Biblical Affirmations

Guiding the mind into tranquility can be a difficult task in today's fast pace environment. For that reason, the combination of breathing techniques and Biblical affirmations are used. A truly unique set of instructions gently and lovingly leads the mind into the presence of Jesus.

Once the mind and body are relaxed Biblical affirmations are recited in the first person present tense. This technique enables the brain to create Godly neurological pathways, allowing the presence of God to increase in the mind.


Both alpha and theta tones were developed in our studio and incorporated in key locations throughout the program. This strategy is a life saver for anyone having a hard time relaxing. These tones mimic brainwaves during deep meditation. Conversely, if you can relax a non-musical version is also available.

Breathing Techniques

One of the fastest ways to relax is through proper breathing patterns. Scientist discovered long ago that our breath hold the secret to healthy living, and mediation is no different.

All ChristAudio meditations include breathing instructions. Breathing correctly calms our nervous system and super charges the brain. This mechanism was created by God to keep us alive, alert, and mindfully thoughtful, a state most people have lost.

Genetic Messaging Response

Using Benson's documented data ChristAudio developed affirmations that stimulate the brain to send positive genetic thought messages to the body. Coupled with faith, scripture, tones, musical soundscapes, and breathing techniques, Super Theta Brain Charger is ChristAudio most powerful meditation program.


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