Christian Mindfulness Meditation for Stress

Christian Mindfulness Meditation for Stress

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Stress is caused by many factors sadness, busyness, anxiety, frustration and it produces tension in the body and irritability.

Clinical studies show that mindfulness meditation helps people manage stress because it addresses the symptom of distracting thoughts which derail the natural, healthy process of focused calmness.

Regardless why people stress, practicing inner health techniques like meditation is just as important as practicing physical health techniques, like exercise.

Mindfulness meditation is the inner exercise of letting go stressful though and becoming mindfully present in the moment. The method is scientifically proven to change the chemistry of brain and body in positive ways which help us perform better.

In Matthew 6:25 - 34 Jesus explains that stress and worry are unhealthy and can affect the body. He advises to let go of everything that makes us anxious and to just be in the present moment. It appears that science is catching up the 2000-year-old injunction.

Science and secular meditation practices fall short of the ultimate healing power provided by Jesus. In Matthew 11:28 - 30 Jesus tells His followers that spiritually uniting with Him offers the greatest peace anyone can imagine.

Although we can scientifically prove Christ's instruction of letting go stress and being in the moment is healthy, Jesus explains that being mindful of Him offers the most significant results.

This meditation helps you reduce stress by letting go while becoming mindfully aware of Jesus.