10 Power Chants To A Glorious Life With God - Stream

10 Power Chants To A Glorious Life With God - Stream

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In 2008, the US National Library of Medicine published a scientific document authored by Dr. Marc F Schmidt, depicting the hemispheric brain activity in songbirds. He found that both left and right brain work together to produce sound and harmony, and it works the same way in humans.

In 2009, Dr. Oliver Sacks professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine revealed that Alzheimer's patients became fully functioning after listening to music. They carried conversations, remembered family, friends, and past events. Many of them appeared healthy and completely unhindered by the disability.

The left side of your brain is in charge of logical activity like language, writing, and reasoning. While the right side helps you with creativity, imagination, art, and music.

When we sing or chant, we engage both sides of the brain almost simultaneously, listening to music has a similar effect. Hemispheric activity has a way of balancing and clearing the mind. This type of cerebral switching is so important to our mental health that the process is in our genetics. During sleep, our brain will automatically initiate cerebral switching. Scientists suspect that constant use of just one area of the brain may result in the deficiency of other sectors.

So God created a fail-safe mechanism in you, hemispheric switching during sleep. One could say that it's God's love protects us while we may have more wholesome abilities in the morning. A similar mechanism is stimulated in Alzheimer patients when they listen to music.

Psalm 135:3 states that praising and singing to the God is "pleasant.” The word “pleasant” derived from the original Hebrew means delightful, beautiful, or perfect. In other words singing to God is pleasant to us, and may have a beautifying effect. I think we can all agree that a scanned image of a musically stimulated brain full of light and color, is more beautiful and perfect than the relatively dim image of a mind debilitated by illness.

This audio will recite to you rhythmically selected Psalms for a more glorious and powerful life with God.

The additional PDF version of the program (included with each purchase) will allow you to chant along with Jeff for and more powerful experience.

This audio contains the sounds of a soothing stream and singing birds. Listen to it anytime while you relax, work, or during exercise.

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