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100 I AM Christian Affirmations - Devotional Subliminal

100 I AM Christian Affirmations - Devotional Subliminal

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  • Environmental Sound: Ocean waves
  • Whisper Voice Technology ®
  • 100 I AM Christian Affirmations

Duration: 24 mins, 16 secs

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You asked for it, so we made it. Every year we get hundreds of emails with new ideas for programs. Imagine how surprised we were when during the review process we discovered that people from different nations asked for an "I AM" program focused on Jesus. God speaks through His people, so we humbly responded.

In this audio you will hear the sound of beautiful ocean waves on the beach along with 100 extraordinary I AM Christian affirmations delivered with our Whisper Voice Technology® which is barely discernible to the human ear. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear an affirmation or two being quietly whispered in the background

The wonderful affirmations embedded in this audio address health, healing, abundance, spirituality, and salvation, and are repeated twice in this program. Listen to it anytime you want, while you relax, work, or during exercise.

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