Christian Meditation Affirmations - God

Affirmations to Knowing God - Meditator Series

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Meditation Features

  • Audible Voice Instructions
  • Biblical Affirmations (First Person, Present-Tense)
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Visualizations
  • Intelligent Musical Soundscape
  • Alpha/Theta Tones

Duration: 20 mins, 03 secs.

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    This audio combines 6 strategic sets of first-person biblical affirmations into a powerful 20 minute guided Christian meditation. The guided relaxation techniques are designed to help you relax so the word of God can more easily influence your thought.

    Sub-sonic theta wave sounds will help you cultivate the word of God within so you can experience more control over life and experience God's guidance during your waking hours.

    Modern technology and scientific breakthroughs are enlivening God's word in people in ways never imagined by the ancient prophets. Greater wisdom and power is now at your reach. Download our flagship program and take control of life with God's power.

    Affirmation in this Meditation:


    I let go of pride in exchange for a humble heart toward God. I accept Him, love Him, and cherish Him. He blesses me with His holy spirit. Luke 14:24

    God's peace descends on me, His kingdom overflows. I have His peace wherever I go. Mat 5:9

    I repent for any past sin. God loves me and graces me with comfort and forgiveness. Mat 5:4

    It's easy to forgive. I let go of any wrong doing against me. God has forgiven me many times. I forgive others as God has forgiven me. I am full of peace and love. Luke 17: 4

    I forgive others and God forgives me. Mat 6:14

    I ask for forgiveness from those whom I might have hurt. I forgive myself. God approves and sets me free. Mat 5:24

    As I forgive I am forgiven. I can easily forgive others through Christ. Mat 18:21-22

    I don't condemn others for their faults. Mat 7:1

    I commit my life to Christ. My mind and heart are His. The treasure I receive is eternal life. His spirit fills me with blessings.

    I walk with Christ and rejoice in His grace. He has cleansed me and made me whole. In times of trouble and difficulty, my relationship with Christ becomes even stronger.

    My life and His have become one. He shows me the riches of His kingdom and my heart is filled with joy. His riches are given to me. Luke 6:20-23

    If I commit a sin in the eyes of God, I repent and wholeheartedly change my ways to honor Him. God approves of this and fills me with new life. Luke 13:5

    In there is a fountain of living water that springs up into everlasting life. John 4:14

    I believe Christ is the revelation of God. In Him dwells God the Father. Through Him I receive pure life. John 5:19-21

    I love Christ and follow His ways. He illuminates my mind with living light. John 8:12

    Christ said, "No one comes to the Father except through me." It is through Christ that I can have a Godly life. He is the God's truth and is manifesting Himself to me in many ways. It is through Him that I receive a pure life. John 14:6

    I believe Christ is the son of God. John 9:35

    I am humble in spirit and accept Christ as my savior. Luke 14:11

    I accept Christ into my heart and into my life. Mat 12:30

    Christ and the Father are one. Christ is the word of God. I know God because I know Christ. John 14:9-11

    God directs my mind. The spirit of Christ moves me. I am His. Mat 12:50

    My relationship with Christ allows me to hear him and follow Him. Luke 8:21

    My spiritual senses are open to Christ. He is here with me now. Mat 13:14-17

    Christ reveals to me the kingdom of God. Mat 13:34

    The kingdom of God presses forward into my life, I surrender to it and let it grow. Mat 11:12

    God's presence grows in me every day. I rest in the knowledge that He is with me. Mat 13:31-32

    I am humble and meek before God. I comply with His word. Mat 18:4

    I receive the kingdom of God with the wonder and awe of a child. Mk 10:15


    I am free from anxiety and tension. I seek only God's approval. God provides me with what I need. I am at peace. Mat 6:25-34

    Christ calms the storms. He brings peace into my life. Mat 8:23-27

    I live in Christ and the grace of God gives me peace. My soul rests in Him. Mat 11:29

    I believe Christ is the Son of God. He speaks heavenly things to me. John 3:12-13

    The Spirit of God gives me life and treasure. John 6:63

    I ask and pray that God fill me with His Holy Spirit every day. Luke 11:13

    My mind, my body, and my soul, belongs to God. My body is God?s temple. It is filled with His spirit. Nothing else is allowed to enter. Luke 11:24-26

    I believe in God and trust in Him. I have no need to test Him. Mat 4:7

    I worship God in spirit. I allow Him to guide me. Luke 4:8

    I do not judge or condemn others for mistakes made. I am as forgiving as God is. Luke 6:37

    I believe in God. I believe in Christ. My heart rests in Him. John 14:1

    The devil has no power over me. Mat 5:28

    I resist personal acts of violence, hatred, and revenge. Mat 5:38

    I train my mind to think in the word of God. His word opens a new spring of life in me. Mat 7:14

    I relinquish the thoughts of the world to follow the way of Christ. Mat 16:24-27

    As I obey and listen to the word of God I fulfill my purpose in Him. John 15:15-16

    I love the word of God. I study it and share it with others. Mat 5:19

    I love to spend time in the word of God. When I spend time with God in this way, I am genuinely intimate with Him. I spend time knowing Him and letting Him know me. I allow God to fill my mind with His thoughts. Mat 7:21

    The Spirit of Christ energizes my mind. His Spirit illuminates me with understanding. John 14:26

    I read the word of God and train my mind to think like God. Luke 6:39-42

    As I read the word of God Christ prays for me that I may be whole with Him. The word of God manifests itself as glory in my mind. Through Christ I am in perfect harmony with God John17:20-23

    Through Christ I have quiet control over my soul. I am reconciled with God. I have godly peace. John 14:27

    God?s life pulsates through me. God removes all things that hinder my growth in Christ. I am becoming more Christ-like. John 15:2

    I am clean because God spoke to me His word through Christ. John 15:3

    I live in Christ and He lives in me. His spirit flows freely through me. John 15:4

    Christ and God the Father are one. God expresses His fullness toward me through Christ. Christ is the Spirit of God in me.

    My union with God allows me to experience a deep level of love for Him. I follow and obey His word. He reveals Himself to me. John 14:20-21

    I do not seek praise from others although I accept it graciously when given. I choose to please God. I love to please God. It feels good inside. Pleasing God fills my soul with the holy things of heaven. Luke 6:26

    I have a strong desire to be in the presence of God. I press forward with a great deal of faith and love into His Kingdom. I love God and He loves me. Luke 16:16

    I consult with the Spirit of God to keep my mind filled with thoughts of God. Luke 19:46

    I love to worship God. I seek Him with my inner being. John 4:23

    Christ all-powerful controls all things. My faith in Him helps me in all situations. Luke 8:24-25

    Christ?s authority casts out all ungodly spirits in my life. Mat 8:28-32

    I voluntarily seek a life with God. Luke 13:24

    I am healed by God's miraculous power in me. Mat 9:20-22

    His touch overcomes everything, even death. Mat 9:25

    I rest securely in the God?s power. No one is able take away my eternal life. God's sovereign power rules over all things. God is committed to protecting and preserving my eternal life with Him. John 10:28-30

    My life is now being transformed through Christ. He renews my mind and gives me a whole new life. I live in Christ. I believe in Christ. I am in Him and He is in me. John 11:25-26


    I have a kind and generous heart. Mat 6:20-21

    I give to those who are in need. My acts of charity are known by God. I tell no one about what God has done through me. God approves and rewards me. Mat 6:1-4

    When I give to those in need I give to Christ. Mat 25:35-40

    I give with faith and trust God. Mk 12:44

    I see Christ in all people and give with a loving heart. Everything I give comes back to me multiplied. Luke 6:38

    Christ is calling. I follow Him. Mat 8:20-22

    I am tender and kind. I give to those in need. Mat 12:7

    Christ is divinely perfect. I allow Him to perform amazing miracles in my life. Mat 12:18-23

    I touch Him and I am made perfect. I walk in divine health. Mat 14:36

    With faith I touch Christ. His power flows through me. I am healed. Mk 5:30:34

    I live with Christ in eternity-present. John 8:51, 58

    God's grace and power rule my heart. This reality grows in me more and more every day. I am led to study and meditate on God's word. Luke 17:20-37

    Unclean spirits cannot enter my body. Christ has my mind, body, and soul. His protective power surrounds me. Mat 12:43-45

    I allow the spirit of God to fill me. His spirit purifies me and guides me. Mk 7:7

    Experiencing God

    My relationship with God is the most important aspect of my life. I live because His power flows through me. Mat 4:4

    When I hunger for God, He fills me with pure power. Mat 5:6

    In Christ I shine the light of God. Mat 5:14

    I am influenced by God's power. I contribute to humanity in positive ways. Mat 5:13

    God?s love extends through me to all people. His love and power transforms me. Mat 5:44-48

    I pray and commune with God everyday in private. God sees me and knows me. Mat 6:6-7

    I can clearly perceive Christ. I am transformed by His radiant presence. Mat 6:22

    Christ is the door to eternal life. Mat 9:12-13

    God?s glory and beauty shine in my life. Mat 17:2

    I believe in the resurrection of Christ Mat 28:9

    Christ lovingly and compassionately projects the power of God into my life. Luke 11:20

    The spirit of God permeates my entire being, my life is changing. Luke 13:20-21

    I believe the Word of God became Christ. I believe He dwells in me. His Word is real to me. I am sensitive to God's voice. I am receptive to His indwelling Spirit. His everlasting life makes me whole. John 5:24, 25

    Good Fruit and Blessings

    My words are eternally important, they control my destiny. I fill my mind with thoughts of God and speak blessings into my life. God approves and supports me. Mat 12:33-37

    Christ is the Lord of my life, everything else is secondary. My mind is open to His word. I follow His instruction and good things are multiplied. My life is continually improving. Mat 13:3-9

    My words have the power to condemn or bless. I fill my heart with the good things of God and speak blessings into my life. Mat 15:18-20

    I have a good and obedient heart. I put God's word into action and it produces fruit. Mk 4:20

    I renounce the ways of the world to let God occupy my mind. I seek only to fulfill His will. Luke 9:23-25

    I walk in faith with God. I follow Him and do His will. My faith produces extraordinary results. Luke 17:6-10

    Through Christ I receive God-given power. John 16:7

    God can speak to me through His spirit. John 16:13

    I love others through Christ. 13:34

    I am empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray God's purpose. I believe through Christ all things prayed for already exist. I love God through Christ. John 14:12-13

    I surrender my life to God's supreme power every day. I am mild and humble before Him. God approves and blesses me. Mat 5:5

    My relationship with God allows me to enjoy supernatural provision. Mat 18:27

    I am responsible and render to society the things of society, while I render to God the things of God. I love my life, it is whole and complete with God in it. Mk 12:15:17

    Material possessions cannot fulfill me. Only Christ has the life and the power to satisfy me. Luke 6:25

    Through Christ I have God's eternal life. It's possible to have all things through Christ. God rules my mind and heart. All things belong to Him. Luke 18:18-27


    I am so grateful to God for what he's done. His forgiveness of sins has set me free. Often during the day I give him thanks for the wonderful things in my life. Luke 7:41-43

    I often reflect on my feelings of gratitude toward God. My faith in Him has saved me. Luke 7:47-50

    Thank you God for the remission of sins. Luke 21:17

    Thank you God for my body. Luke 21:19

    Thank you God for praying for me. Luke 21:31-32

    Thank you God for everlasting life. John 4:14

    Thank you God for the miracles in you. John 6:11

    Thank you God for your eternal presence. John 6:47-51.

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