30-Second Rules to Anxiety Relief

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What's Inside

This book offers 10 rules that work on anxiety in 30 seconds. It's a survival guide for anyone who needs anxiety relief fast. Get methods you can train with everyday, then when panic attacks strike back with any 30-second technique, done! 

If you want sound Biblical advice and are tired of battling your anxiety, then apply the "30-Second Rules" explained in Jeff Ordonez’s latest book.

Based on thousands of customer interactions over 10 years who suffer from anxiety, Jeff Ordonez shares the most effective techniques in this new book. The techniques can be used by everyone, regardless of age or background, to live a life free from anxiety or panic attacks.

In this guide you will discover 10 rules to help you:

  1. Accept anxiety in tranquility.
  2. Breathe rythmically to peace.
  3. Win with the Thought-Rebound rule.
  4. Short-circuit anxiety with the power of "No"
  5. Break worry with clarity.
  6. Change your brain with one exercise style.
  7. Claim your life back with love.
  8. Use music to quickly gain control.
  9. Deflate anxiety in 30 seconds with the balloon technique.
  10. Change your physical posture to feel better.

Plus learn Christian meditation

In the final pages you will learn how tens of thousands of our listeners benefit from Christian meditation and the exact tactics they use to live a happy peaceful life.

And it's all based on God's word!

It also comes with a free guided meditation audio for quick anxiety relief. With this new book you can apply one, or more, 30-Second Rule in any situation that makes you anxious (driving/shopping/traveling). Help is here!

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