7 Day Guided Christian Meditation Online Class

7 Day Guided Christian Meditation Online Class

You can pay $2200 for a mindfulness class, $1000 for a TM class, or you can take this 7 Day Guided Christian Meditation Class for free! Perfect for anyone seeking an alternative to secular mindfulness meditation or transcendental meditation.

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Guided Christian Meditation Class

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So what is Christian Meditation? Secular meditation teaches to either empty the mind, or to concentrate on a word until one enters "a state of meditation", which can bring-on peaceful feelings and other health benefits. The purpose of Christian meditation is different.

Christian meditation is a way of becoming one with Jesus (John 15:4), and we do this by calling, or praying, His name (Gen 4:26, Rom 10:13). This mental pattern (Rom 12:2) of calling on the Lord's name calms the mind and heart until one can worship, or love, God with their entire being - heart, soul, and mind. (Mt 22:37) Furthermore, we can train the brain with Biblical affirmations. (Psalm 1:2)

Once a person reaches a state of harmonious worship, they realize how busy and disrupted the mind and heart truly were at the beginning of their meditation. In this state of total worship of the Lord, we can experience Jesus and His grace. During these moments we receive guidance, healing, peace from the Prince of Peace, and love from the Author of Love. The Lord never turns anyone away who comes to Him. (John 6:37)

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    Day 1

    Day 1 Instruction Video

    5 Steps To Practicing Christian Meditation. Step 1 - All you need is 10 minutes a day. Step 2 - Pick the same time and location. Step 3 - Sit comfortably. It's okay to lay down, but it may cause you to fall asleep. Step 4 - Watch the instructional videos and stick with it. Step 5 - Meditate before you eat.

    Play Day 1 Meditation 8:32


    This meditation is for everyone regardless of experience. It teaches you how to relax with breathing techniques while combining visualizations of Jesus.


    Day 2

    Play Day 2 Meditation 8:42


    This meditation teaches you to observe thought while you let Jesus just "be". The combination of breathing exercises and the Christ-centered mental chant will allow you to have a mindful experience with the Lord.


    Day 3

    Day 3 Instruction Video

    Training the mind to just "be" with God will bring a whole new experience to your life. Understanding life from God's perspective allows thought and emotions to just "be" while we have contact with God. Then we can proceed with more happiness and fulfillment.

    Play Day 3 Meditation 7:54


    This meditation introduces a new technique. After practicing the breathing exercises you will be guided to experience Jesus in His light.


    Day 4

    Play Day 4 Meditation 7:44


    In this meditation we introduce a simple theta sound. Theta is equal in frequency to the brain waves our mind produces when it enters a state of meditation. This technique can dramatically improve your meditation.


    Day 5

    Play Day 5 Meditation 7:57


    Today we're going to practice the same meditation as yesterday, but with the addition of music. Music and theta are a great way to let mind just "be" during meditation while you enjoy the benefits of your meditative practice. This is another powerful technique to calm the busy mind.


    Day 6

    Play Day 6 Meditation 9:20


    Introducing biblical affirmations during meditation is a very effective way of "keeping" God's word. This meditation has no theta sound or music, it's just a guided Christian meditation with simple instructions and Biblical affirmations that form new thought patterns.


    Day 7

    Day 7 Instruction Video

    By now, calm and at peaceful feelings are starting to become part of your daily life. You might feel closer to God and that all things really are possible. Your journey is just beginning. This class has laid the foundation to a prosperous new future of better health, higher productivity, better focus, greater love, and spiritual wisdom. But the benefits can only be experienced with consistent meditation. You are now ready to start with either our Meditator PRO or Meditator Series meditations. Get started!

    Play Day 7 Meditation 11:03


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