At ChristAudio we’re much more than an ordinary Christian meditation app. To us it's important that your journey is easily accessible and supported in many ways. So our mobile app makes practicing world-renown Christian meditations easy. Technology is helping us fulfill our mission of creating a more loving and peaceful world one mobile device at a time. Download it and enjoy!

What's on the ChristAudio meditation app?

7 Day Guided Christian Meditation Class

Our meditation app includes our classic 7 Day Course with helpful instructions and animations, which are free for everyone.

Mini Meditations

Having a rough day and little time? Get back on track with God in less than 10 minutes with these mini meditations. Get exclusive access and relieve stress, boost creativity, and improve relationships with our short guided Christian meditations. (free)

Subliminal Boosters

Like to run, exercise, play, or do you just like to be active? We have a solution for you too. This upbeat musical content will have you bobbing your head while you accomplish your goal with motivation and power.  Best of all, each melodic powerhouse has a set of highly effective subliminal biblical Christian affirmations (Whisper Voice Technology). (free)

Christian Meditation Music Radio

The ChristAudio Christian Meditation Music Radio supports your meditation journey with non-stop music. Have a need to pray, worship, study, or just relax and sleep better? We got your back. The radio feature in our app lets you listen to beautiful contemplative Christian music 24/7 for free!

Stay Informed With Our Blog

Our app also features quick access to our blog. Get news, research results, scientific breakthroughs, and the latest information about Christian meditation, events, and community activities with one tap.

Advanced Meditation Access

With our app you get fast easy access to any of our advanced meditations through our store. All you have to do is selected the meditation you like the most and download directly to your smart phone, tablet, or pc. It's that easy. Then enjoy, no wi-fi needed, no internet connectivity needed. Once you download a meditation, it's yours forever.