Christian Meditation Manual and Instructions

Christian Meditation Manual and Instructions


This document explains how to use the special Christian meditation programs developed by Christ Audio.

The programs developed by Christ Audio are powerful Christian-development tools based on new sound-matrixing technology. Used regularly they can have a profound effect on your life. You should read this manual before using them to become familiar with the technology.

To achieve the absolute best results, the Christ Audio programs can be used with a stereo player and quality headphones. The exclusive sound engineering process for Meditator PRO, and Meditator Series programs naturally lead the mind into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Special sound frequencies are delivered to relax the brain to better enable your desired result. A quality pair of headphones is suggested to gain maximum effect from this sound-matrixing technology.

If you purchased the Ocean Surf subliminal versions of our programs you will more effectively re-program your subconscious beliefs and habits. Subliminals are designed to reinforce your subconscious re-programming. Unlike the audible voice version programs subliminal programs may be played on a stereo or mono system without headphones.

Your audio programs were created using the most sophisticated sound engineering process using state-of-the-art digital mastering techniques. They have been produced to insure playback on most, if not all, digital devices. In addition, each of your soundtracks are delivered in high quality 5.1 surround sound using exceptional recording procedures. Our audio data transfer was developed to specifically insure the integrity of the sound-matrixing in each meditation program. Although it’s an expensive process, the result is a near perfect clone of the original.

So why go through all the trouble and expense? These are not ordinary audio files. The sound-matrixing is very sensitive and can be easily distorted or destroyed by normal duplicating procedures. Going to this extra effort and expense simply insures and extraordinary experience for you.

Getting Started

There are a few general rules to keep in mind when you use these Christ Audio programs.

To get the most out of your Meditator PRO and Meditator programs, it is best to use it on a regular basis. Unless you repeat the experience on a frequent basis, you will not receive the full benefits it has to offer. Once you have experienced the pleasant sensations of deeper relaxation and Godly programming you will look forward to these short sessions as a welcomed “time-out”.

For best results use it for 30 days before you go to sleep and throughout the day whenever deep rest is possible. You are cautioned not to use the contemplative programs when you need to be fully alert or while driving car because it suggests to close your eyes and relaxing deeply.

Try listening to the meditations in a place that is quiet and dimly lit. Use a sturdy, comfortable arm chair, sofa, or bed that supports your body well. Loosen any tight clothing so that you can breathe easily, and allow the blood to flow freely through all parts of your body. Some people like to remove their shoes during these times. If you wear glasses you or contact lenses, you may feel more comfortable removing them as well.

How To Use Your Programs
Tension is the opposite of relaxation, the best way to approach the experience is to “just let it happen”. The sound-matrixing in your Meditator programs will automatically lead your mind into a state of deep relaxation without any effort on your part except just letting yourself go for a few moments. Use stereo headphones for optimal results, and start each session at the beginning of the program. Slowly, as the program begins the relaxation techniques and sound-matrixing will take you from a conscious beta brainwave to a soothing alpha state of mind and then into deep “theta” relaxation.

During “theta” your mind is more receptive to permanently changing behavior and modifying self-image. It is during this time that Godly affirmations can cahnge who you are. 

Most audible meditative programs last approximately 30 minutes with several minutes at the start for guided breathing and relaxation techniques and several minutes at the end to slowly bring you back to a “beta” state of mind.

It’s recommended that you listen to the voice program at least once a day. No specific place or time is required, other than to be undisturbed for 30 minutes.

You may wish to keep a written journal of your experiences. After each session, take a few minutes to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Not only is this a valuable process that gives you a formal record of your progress, but the short time you devote to contemplation has many rewards. You will find this time highly creative, and useful for creative problem solving in every area of your life.

What To Expect During Your Sessions
When accumulated tension and stress flow out of your body you can anticipate a number of sensations. These can include tingling, momentary twitching, and warm sensations throughout your body. As your mind transitions from the busy “beta” mode to the calming “theta” mode you may also find your mind wandering to unexpected thoughts. This is entirely natural since in beta mode the mind frequently jumps from thought to thought.

Some people feel themselves dozing off during a session. You are probably not actually sleeping as the combination of the sound-matrix and audible affirmations is holding your attention in “theta” mode, just above the threshold of sleep. But because you’ve lost all “time sense”, it may feel as though you’ve been sleeping. For best results however you may want to remain fully aware during your experience. If you are physically or mentally exhausted before starting your session, you may find it desirable to turn off your device and drift off to sleep after your session.

Best Use Practice
Meditation is more than just relaxation and dealing with your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is actually a process of seeking and finding God. This is an instinctive inclination of every Christian. Embedded deep within all human beings is a natural born desire to know God, our creator. Most of us just “know” that we can be better people if we could see, hear, and feel God. Our so called "waking state", is neither the highest nor the most effective state of which the human mind is capable of. There are vastly greater levels of mind we can experience with God.

But sinful thought has a way of creeping into the mind diffusing positive thought. Without God’s help we are powerless. The first step in changing all behavior comes from a change of heart. By accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior we become resurrected with Him and made whole.

Once the snare of sin is removed, our mind is freer and more sensitive to God. In Christ “we have the mind of God”. These audio sessions are designed to help train your brain to think in Christ where Godly thought exists.

To reach such levels of understanding we have to go deep into a state of mediation focused around the word of God. Many highly respected Rabbis and Priests experience this state of mind by spending many hours a day studying and contemplating Holy Scripture. Although highly desired by most people this is very difficult for those with live regular lives.

The combination of sound-matrixing and Godly affirmations offers the solution. Because God created the human mind to operate in four modes, Alpha (light sleep) Beta (busy day frequency), Theta (deep relaxation and meditation), and Delta (deep sleep state), we believe God created Theta for the purpose of high level communication with our Creator and to experience His power with full conscious understanding.

Because the now-established benefits of “theta” brain waves, and meditation, many ailments which are the result of stress can be improved or even completely cured within weeks of regular practice. Busy people everywhere can center themselves in a God filled reality that helps them overcome and cope with the difficulties of life. Christ Audio meditations are the perfect tool for achieving the benefits of deep theta meditation and living with God.

How Christ Audio Programs Work
The human brain operates in four distinct brainwave patterns which can be measured as electrical cycles per second. Delta, the slowest of the brainwaves produces 0 – 4 cycles per second and is most prominent during deep sleep, but not during dreaming.

Theta, the second slowest, produces 4 – 8 cycles per second and is usually related to creativity, dream activity, and meditation.

Alpha produces 8 – 13 cycles per second and is characterized by a relaxed alert state of mind.

Beta produces 14 – 26 cycles per second and is related to normal waking hours.

Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta are the brain’s electrical output measured by science. Scientists don’t know how these “waves” of energy affect the physical world, but they do know it affects the inner world of every human being. Almost all artists, musicians, athletes, successful entrepreneurs, and Godly people who are prolific produce of alpha-theta brainwave patterns. Creativity and high achievement are strongly linked to high production of alpha-theta activity.

Monks, Priests, Rabbis, Yogis, and others who experience deep levels of thought and concentration are able to induce “theta” at will. This deliberate switch is the result of years of practice. This letting go of normal everyday “beta” mode expands the mind into Godly realms and controls the attention of the mind at a much deeper level. Through regular use your audible program will increase your ability to remain in alpha-theta.

How does it achieve this? Just as certain harmonies affects your mood, certain sound waves played in the right combination and frequency will naturally lead the mind into “Theta”. The sound patterns in our Meditator meditations help the mind match the 4 – 8 cycles per second that result in conscious theta mode, the place where you and God meet. In addition, key harmonies, guided relaxation techniques, Biblical affirmations, and heavenly visualization enhances whole brain synchronicity.

Breakthrough Sound Matrixing
The sound-matrixing is composed of musical tones, sonic, and subsonic frequencies (just below normal hearing). The programs start with voice instruction, a little music, and then move into “theta” sounds. This process helps you go from a busy day mode (Beta) to the slower soothing meditative (Theta) mode. At times you may hear a low humming sound in the background. This is the sonic and subsonic sound-matrix at work.

Layered over this subsonic sound-matrix is a special mix of environmental sounds and soothing musical tones developed within the main listening range. As you progress into the audio session you will hear more and more the sonic and sub-sonic “theta” frequencies.

Where do these sonic and subsonic frequencies come from? In the fall of 1977 two Voyager spacecraft were launched to investigate interstellar space. The Voyagers were equipped with specially designed instruments to detect and record audible vibrations. The Voyagers returned the data to Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA to study and analyze.

The sonic and subsonic frequencies you hear were simulated from the original Voyager recordings. These recordings come from a variety of environments which include solar wind, charged ionic particles, naturally occurring radio waves, magnetosphere movement, electromagnetic fields, and particle emissions. What the Voyagers recorded is literally the sound of God’s creation.

Within the NASA recordings our audio ministers discovered low frequency “theta” sound waves which have been replicated and included in your audible voice program. These sounds are not music, even though at times they may sound like music they are not. This is important because without a musical pattern to fixate on, the brain cannot slow down into a state of deep meditation or “theta”.

Why Are Christ Audio Meditations So Special?
God created the human brain with four distinct frequency patterns, Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta. All four frequencies are emitted by the normal human brain simultaneously with dominance in one frequency denoting our current “state of mind”. The “theta” sound waves isolated by our audio ministers from the interstellar space sounds appear to be the most stimulating to the human brain.

God has His own “theta” sounds and they’ve been included in our programs.

What Happens To You In Theta
Our Meditator series will gently take you from busy “beta” to soothing “theta”. With guided relaxation techniques and a smooth transition from musical tones to God’s interstellar sound frequencies your program will transport you into spiritual tranquility. As your body relaxes, your heart rate decreases, your respiration become regular and relaxed, and your blood pressure may be reduced. As your muscles relax and you “feel” calmness, your body will feel very still. The sensation of being fully alert while completely at peace can trigger sensations of joy and even euphoria. That’s “theta”.

Here’s some comments from some of our listeners:

I felt like I was floating. I was very calm like when I sleep but awake at the same time.”

I felt like everything in life was petty compared to the awesomeness of God. In “theta” I can feel God.”

All my tension goes away and then I begin to think more clearly. I feel like God’ is with me.”

I felt so relaxed and awake at the same time. It’s not like relaxing in God's hands

I began to experience my body as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit. I felt so connected to God. Wow, thanks!

It’s believed by psychologists and neurologists that the brain uses the state of “theta” for physiological and psychological programming. And the overwhelming negative messaging our minds are exposed to everyday is bound to impact our psyche. By naturally leading the mind to consciously rest in theta on a daily basis for 30 minutes while focusing on Godly thought, we can experience God’s kingdom. God created “theta” for us to enjoy His presence.

Why Are Theta Brain Waves So Important 
In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said this: “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” In this Bible verse Jesus literally states that the kingdom realm of heaven is upon children.

“Theta” brainwaves is most dominant in children! Children virtually live in theta mode. As a child grows into adulthood they experience theta on a limited basis. As you use our programs over a period of days and weeks, you will notice less overall stress in your daily life. The relaxing qualities of regular meditation is well documented, and our programs used on a regular basis can help your perform at optimum levels because your brain is experiencing theta more frequently.

After only a few weeks of use you should discover a subtle, but profound shift in your mood. You should also notice a significant reduction in overall stress and heightened spiritual awareness. Your thinking should be clearer and your understanding will be enhanced by your new found peace. You’ll feel a greater sense of “aliveness” and “focus” as you engage your daily activities. The shift is subtle but profound. The life transforming effects you’ll experience over the months and years to come are forever.

Subconscious Biblical Programming
If you are using one of our Ocean Surf Subliminal programs you should be aware how this technology works. It’s been know for decades that the human mind operates at conscious, subconscious, and even a super-conscious level.

The conscious mind is the awareness of who we are and the environment which we dwell in, while the subconscious is an infinite level of mind where limits are not know. All memories are stored in the subconscious. People who achieve the impossible are people who subconsciously think of impossibilities as possibilities and then achieve it. The conscious mind sees the reality in the subconscious and obeys accordingly.

The super-conscious is not as well documented as the former, but it is believed that the super-conscious mind is the level of highest thought. Psychologists call this level the “higher universal mind”. They believe that it is like a bank of eternal “good” thought that communicates to us the highest form of realities and concepts.

As Christians we know this to be God and it is the Holy Spirit that transfers to us thoughts from God. At Christ Audio we believe during the “theta” state of mind, when the mind is uncluttered by worldly thought, we can freely and consciously commune with God in the super-conscious mind through the Holy Spirit.

By repeating Biblical affirmations like, “Christ dwells in me. I am glorified in Him.” and “The Spirit of God dwells in me. I think in the Spirit. I talk in the Spirit. I walk in the Spirit”, our experiences and behavior become automatic functions of the led by the higher conscious mind - God. This technique literally helps us view life from eternal God's point of view. From God's eternal point of view the change you want is not challenge but a reality that is followed and obtained in the physical realm.

For the best possible result you should experience the program in both the audible voice version and subliminal version. Doing this will invoke powerful feelings and mental imagery that leads your life with super-conscious reality.

Ocean Surf Subliminal program are safe to listen during any activity throughout the day or night since all relaxation techniques have been removed.

Peak Performance and Subconscious Programming
Here's another breakthrough discovered by our audio ministers. While you listen to your Meditator programs you’ll notice that certain musical frequencies have been carefully embedded at key moments when a message or an image is conveyed. This creates a sonic image in the brain associated to the message.

The subliminal counterpart of your program contains subliminal versions of those messages. Because your subconscious mind is constantly stimulated by those memories, you will find yourself naturally thinking with the word of God more often.   These carefully synchronized messages is how you can begin to perform at the highest spiritual, physical, and mental levels possible.

Using Your Christian Subliminals
Our subliminal programs are specially designed audios that reinforce all Meditator and Meditator PRO meditations. You can listen to the subliminal programs during any activity throughout the day. All relaxation techniques have been removed from all our subliminals.

Many people find them perfect for exercising, running, cycling, or just having fun. Embedded within each subliminal program are highly relevant “Master Affirmations". These affirmations are the foundation to all our programs.

The subliminal messages have been embedded several times. The idea is to deliver a steady stream of affirmations in a short period of time.


Q: What results should I expect from your programs?

A: Each person is different. The experience largely depends on how often you play them. Many people feel an immediate difference. However it may take several days or weeks of repetitious listing before you see results. Everyone should have some positive effect within 60 days.

Q: How often should I listen to the programs?

A: The audible Voice program should be used twice per day for the full duration of the program, usually 30 minutes. Try it once in the morning and once at night. By arranging your schedule to fit at least 30 minutes twice a day to fit your audio session you’ll enjoy the benefits of stress-relief, more self control, more creativity, and mental clarity.

Q: What type of stereo player and headphones should I use for playing my audible Voice program?

A: Better stereo players and headphones yield better playback. You don’t need the most expensive equipment in the world to get results but a quality system will enhance the experience significantly. Most electronic devices will render stereo quality audio. The single most important factor in making our programs most effective is the quality of the headphones. The ultra-light headphones, or ear buds, are becoming more sophisticated are starting to deliver the rich quality audio.

Q: What type of stereo player works best?

A: Most small electronic devise such as MP3 players and phones can now deliver stereo sound. Quality is usually determined by space and not memory.

Q: What is the content of the subliminal messages?

A: Complete lists of subliminal affirmations are posted in our website for each program.

Q: What is the best time to play my program?

A: The Meditator PRO and Meditator programs require at least 30 minutes of undisturbed relaxation. Plan a time when you can give yourself these 30 minutes each day. Many people report best results when listened to in the morning before starting their day. Some prefer two sessions a day for maximum results, once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Not really. Brainwaves are produced all day everyday by the human brain to included “theta”. Because you are taking some time out to consciously focus your mind in “theta” mode, a relaxed state of mind you may require less sleep and when you sleep you may experience a more restful sleep. Some people also report feeling closer to God, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and increased focused energy.

Q: Is there anything that I can do to help my growth and development?

A: Absolutely. In fact we encourage it. The best thing you can do to experience extraordinary breakthroughs in your life is to study the word of God regularly. If you give yourself quiet time everyday understand the God’s holy word (the Bible) your mind will naturally start moving into “theta” mode where the studied word of God can become a revelation. Not understanding, but revelation, a clearly seen or heard word from God.

By the way this how children learn. They learn through inner “revelation”, a captured vision, or by mentally experiencing the message.

Consider also making healthy changes to you diet and include an exercise regimen.

Q: Can I use the audible Voice programs while I’m driving?

A: No. Never use our audio programs while driving a car or operating equipment since our programs contain suggestions to close your eyes and relaxation deeply. The Ocean Surf Subliminal programs may cause some drowsiness, never use them while driving a car or operating equipment.