Christian Meditation Enhances Focus & Creativity

This series of Christian meditations will focus your attention on Jesus and stimulate your creativity. Learn to develop mindful awareness of the Lord without obtrusive distracting thoughts.

A well documented US scientific experiment discovered that it took just four days of meditative practice to help our cognitive ability.

Christian Meditation Improves Your Focus

Whether you want to achieve super-success in any pursuit, or if you just want to strengthen your ability to learn and recall, focus plays a critical role in your success. Clinical studies have demonstrated that high levels of focus and concentration are associated to our ability to control impulses, emotions, and to consistently achieve long-term goals.

Success Is Related Focus

The results of a recent survey indicates people who better regulate their impulses and attention are four times less likely to commit a crime, three times more likely renounce drugs, and enjoy a more fulfilling life professionally and academically.

Can Christian Meditation Help Improve Your Focus?

In a 2012 study that examined how a simple secular mindfulness meditation technique affects person's ability to multitask revealed a boost in skill level and management capacity. Compared with the people who didn’t meditate, these individuals responded with tenacity and with less negativity. If a simple secular meditation practice can yield mind-bending results, imagine what Christian meditation can do for you which releases the power of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Meditation Liberates Your Mental Power

In another experiment, an easy meditation technique was taught to marines prior to the deployment in Iraq. Research data showed a "higher memory capacity". Scientists concluded that their ability to retain thought and manipulate it was enhanced, even in a high stress environment. So the research suggests that even under severe pressure, Christian meditation can help you become a better person. Who knows, you might even save a life one day.

Christian Meditation Boosts Your Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is how you lead a fulfilling life. Whatever line of work you're involved with, creativity opens the door to opportunity. All areas of life require creative problem solving skills. Whether it's a relationship, a malfunctioning appliance, or an situation at work, creativity allows the light of Christ to shine and new possibilities to emerge.

Can Christian Meditation Boost Your Creativity?

A clinical study conducted by the University of Groningen and North Dakota State University conclusively showed that, meditation affects our capacity to be aware while filtering out unnecessary mental processes during tasks that required focused creativity.

In an even larger study it was observed that meditation improved the “insight” ability of the brain which enhances our problem solving skills via mental imagery. This unique research was the first kind to record a direct link between meditation and the creative thought process. So yes, Christian meditation can boost your creativity.

Release Your Brain Power

In a strange, but highly respected meditation study at Leiden University in the Netherlands, doctors reported that non-reactive observation of thought activity was increased as “divergent thinking”, a term that describes new ideas entering thought cycles.

In other words, your brain works more efficiently. While relaxed concentration improves your performance, your mind processes ideas and possible solutions for problems and tasks in the background. When it reaches a solution it peculates the answer to the front of your brain where it becomes visible for execution.

Cognitive Fluidity Opens Your Genius

Cognitive fluidity is how your mind remains free and flexible so you can "see" new ideas. Most non-meditators rarely display this genius mental pattern. Research results show that the benefits of meditation related to our increased ability to reason beyond our normal scope and adapt to new insights increases when we meditate. In other words, our capacity to think in greater ways and grow in understanding is boosted.

Isn’t it time to boost your creativity with Christian meditation?