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ChristAudio is a guided Christian meditation platform, think of it as your trainer. It can even fit in your pocket with our Christian meditation App.  Just press play and meditate with Jesus. Try our 7 Day Guided Christian Meditation Class and see what 10 minutes a day can do for you. Our programs deliver biblical affirmations with guided instructions and relaxation breathing techniques, and it's all combined with proven meditation science.

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On your mobile or tablet, you can listen to ChristAudio on the go. Download sessions and practice them offline anytime. Get the app today!

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Buy the ChristAudio collections and open the door to the perfect meditation journey with Jesus. 

Christian Meditation Programs Your Way

Whether for sleep, anxiety, stress relief, peace, health, healing, love, relationships, or if you just want to be closer to God, you can experience the benefits of Christian meditation with our impeccable programs.

Leading The Way

ChristAudio is a trusted Amazon partner that has delivered over 300,000 sessions to Christian meditators worldwide. So you're in good company.

Enjoy A Happier Healthier Life, Today

We have loads of scientific data that shows the extraordinary health benefits of meditation on mind and body. Incredibly, the data proves hundreds of Bible verses about Christian meditation. Looks like you need to get started right away.



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