Guided Christian Meditations - Best Sellers

Guided Christian Meditations - Best Sellers

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Download sophisticated Bible inspired guided Christian meditations from the biggest name in Christian development. Whether you need help for sleep, stress relief, depression, self-esteem, weight loss, healing, breaking addictions, focus, concentration, positive thinking, wealth, abundance, and most importantly, retaining the word of God, ChristAudio offers a wide range of programs.


Mobile App

Enjoy your ChristAudio journey the way you want. The ChristAudio app is available for smartphone and tablets. Now you can develop a higher spiritual life with any mobile device. Download the app and unlock all these features today.

ChristAudio Tools and Features

Our unique meditative tools and features will help you progress along your journey to a happier, healthier, more prosperous relationship with God.

The Foundation

All great works have a foundation and the contemplative life is no different. The 7 Day Christian Meditation Class introduces the practice of training the mind and developing the skill of being one with Jesus. These guided exercises calm the mind and help you gain a mindful perspective on life with Christ. 

Advanced Christian Meditation

Building on your foundation, our advanced meditation will focus on particular topics to help you tackle everyday life with wisdom and peace. Choose meditations with music and tones, voice only (without music and tones), or subliminal (whisper voice technology). Conversely, you may choose all three technologies. The choice is yours.


Our advanced meditation programs are organized into five categories: mind, body, God, fulfillment, and genetics.


Improving your life starts from within. These sessions will help you conquer thought that might cause stress, doubt, fear, anxiety, and hidden negative self talk. These programs will enhance the way you think by depositing Biblical thought from scripture. The word of God is powerful and will not return void. Enlighten your mind.


The Spirit of God can have a powerful effect on both the mind and body. From focus to creativity, peace to joy, wisdom to understanding, the Body meditations are designed to help you be healthy from within. With God all things are possible.


Love God and others more fully. Ever want to experience life more like Jesus? These sessions will help you embody the greatest commandment. Watch your relationships grow and change. Profound love has a way of manifesting appreciation and acceptance in relationships while developing the Christ perspective.


An essential part of the ChristAudio journey is God's word. Each session is packed with Biblical references. According to Proverbs 4:22, if  the word of God changes the way we think it will be "health to the flesh", in other words, positive genetic activity will restore health to the body. Scientists are just catching up to this concept.

Imagine if during your Biblical meditation you began to visualize strategically positioned instruction to activate positive genetic activity. This extremely powerful technique is incorporated in our Genetic series to help you maximize the principle in Proverbs 4:22.

Mini Meditations

Regardless if you can find the time to meditate each day, sometimes life can deal special challenges. Enter ChristAudio mini meditations, a selection of 5 - 10 minute meditations designed to get you in touch with Christ. This will help take the heat out of a difficult situation and bring some balance, peace, and Christ-centered perspective.

Subliminal Boosters

Take your meditation to a whole new level! Everyday activities are enhanced with our Subliminal Boosters, a series of upbeat instrumentals with subliminal Biblical affirmations. Perfect for anyone interested in the principle of meditation in action. So whether you're, walking, running, cycling, bodybuilding, cooking, or working around the house, get a boost from these energizing programs.

ChristAudio Radio

Need help sleeping, relaxing, studying, or meditating? Our christian meditation music radio is here to help 24/7. Tune-in anytime, day or night, we're with you.

Me 2 You

To help us fulfill our mission of improving the lives of people worldwide, for every ChristAudio meditation purchased, we will donate to someone in need.

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