Guided Christian Meditations - Meditator Series

Guided Christian Meditations - Meditator Series

Increase the quality of life with the full Christ Audio meditation experience. Get unlimited access to the entire music and tone enhanced meditations with our Meditator series. What's included? Mobile app, multi-device universal MP3 downloads for mind, body, God, fulfillment, and genetics.


Enjoy expertly guided Christian meditations with beautiful musical soundscapes that help eliminate stress, reducing anxiety, overcoming, boost creativity, increase mental alertness, and improve mental clarity.. Learn more

Professionally guided Christian meditations with music and tones for health and healing. Health starts with the mind. Improve your mind, improve your body. Learn more

Press play and meditate on the word of God day and night. Expertly guided Christian meditation with music and tones. Concentrate on loving God, Jesus, and others with the push of a button. Learn more

Ready to reach greater heights? Experience a new direction in life. Listen to these Christian meditations with music and tones that affirm scripture about wealth, abundance, self esteem, success, faith, positive thinking, and more. Learn more

The world's most unique Christian meditation can change your genetic activity! (Prov 4:22) These programs contain music and tones. and feature strategic Genetic Messaging Response instruction. Learn more