Jeric Ordonez

From a very early age, Jeric knew he was destined to work with music. At age 4 he ask for musical instruments from his parents. Much to their surprise he enjoyed musical instruments more than toys.

Jeric's professional success began at the tender age of 15 when he joined his dad's (Jeff Ordonez) real estate business and headed the virtual tour department. During his tenure he developed an interest in

With a fully functional music studio he began to create beautiful "soundscapes" while incorporating Christ Audio's unique sound technology. Jeric now creates all musical sound design for Christ Audio.

With success already shining upon him, Jeric heard the call from God to serve at Christ Audio exclusively. His drive, tenacity, and natural talent is moving Christ Audio into the future in a very big way. He is now in permanently in charge of Christ Audio's internet marketing and audio development. His efforts were the catalyst for the complete redesign of this website which has earned him the position of Managing Partner.

My Testimony
At 11 my life changed with a vivid dream vision. So vivid, the vision has stayed with me ever since. I can still recount every detail of the dream.

In my dream, I remember waking up in bed late in the afternoon. I quietly pushed the bedroom door open and entered the hallway. Suddenly, the house began to fill with blood, so much that it reached the ceiling in a matter of seconds. I was completely immersed. I reached the ceiling and took one final breath before diving down. I swam through the deep red blood attempting to find the front door. Then I saw myself from the third person perspective, and watched as I found the door to the outside. l opened it, blood rushed out of our house, carrying me with it, over the rocks in our driveway. The river of blood gently delivered me to the front lawn.

Then I saw space, the entire universe, but I had my attention on our galaxy. I could see the Earth and everything in it. I saw the how the river of blood flooded the entire planet. It covered the seas and all the land; the whole Earth was engulfed.

The blood then appeared weightless. It slowly drifted, floating away into space. The blood completely vanished from the Earth.

I wondered what it all meant. Then I heard a voice whisper in soft gentle tone, "His will."

I looked back at the Earth and noticed that everything was dead. All vegetation was brown, and all the seas were dry. The Earth was a vast desert. I looked away because it was so unpleasant. I thought, "My home planet is uninhabitable and all it's people are gone." Then I turned back and noticed that the empty seas began to fill. The waters were pure blue and full of life. Then plants and vegetation began to grow. It filled the Earth to capacity with lush greenery. The Earth was new. The people hadn't disappeared, the were just cleansed. Everything on the Earth was new.

I woke up and felt a tremendous sense of peace, a peace I'd never felt before.

I grew up in a Christian home, and was always taught that Jesus gave his life for us, and that His blood saves. However, I never really understood what that meant, until I experienced the power of His blood so vividly. The power of His blood saves, cleanses, and can regenerate the entire world.

By the grace of God, I was able to experience the power of His blood. Anyone can be saved and regenerated by the power of His cleansing blood.

Since this experience, the understanding of what Jesus did for us is very real to me. I was washed in the blood of the Lamb and received his peace in love. I never knew how much I needed Jesus until I experienced His grace through His blood by which we enter into His mercy. When I woke up it was all very clear to me.

Be blessed,