The Science Behind ChristAudio



First-Person Present-Tense Biblical Affirmations

For decades, founder Jeff Ordonez has deciphered the ancient Hebrew and Greek scriptures opening boundless opportunities to faithful followers of Jesus Christ. After a highly technical analysis of key scripture, affirmative principles are formulated around each mediation theme which are later formed into carefully constructed first-person present-tense Biblical messages. With each ChristAudio guided Christian meditations listeners receive to 60 to 100 valuable biblical affirmations. In other words, the word of God delivered to the mind. Unlike anything else, the fine tuned word of God embedded in each ChristAudio meditation has the ability to stimulate the Holy Spirit according to scripture.

Advanced Research

All meditation sessions are created by carefully researching each topic. At ChristAudio we research the latest discoveries and gather data from the most trusted institutions. Important psychological information is carefully filtered through scripture then applied to each program, so you get what your looking for. Lucky you.

Expert Guidance You Can Trust

During his college tenure Jeff's exposure to Logistics Systems Management proved invaluable leading and organizing a team of experts while developing the world's most trusted Christian meditation website. So every session you experience with us is backed by a battery of research and in-depth Biblical analysis.

Christian Meditation Visualization

According to his book, "The Relaxation Revolution - The Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing", Dr Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School cardiologist, a person shows significant health improvements when they visualize during a time of meditative relaxation. And experimentation with faith based meditation resulted in even more significant changes.

At ChristAudio we know that our faith can make us well (Mark 5:34, Luke 17:19), so we incorporate powerful Christ-based visualizations during your time of meditation. The ChristAudio experience is a holistic Christian approach to scientific discovery.

Musical Soundscaping

Wondering how we get such great results? Music. Our highly gifted musical ministers are formally trained in musical composition and theatrical soundscaping. Our Christ-enlightened engineers produce powerful Christian meditation music that is precisely synchronized to each meditation. The collaborative effort has produced a meditation experience unlike any other. Visualizations are masterfully set to beautiful music emphasizing a dramatic effect. Why is this important? Because, the right music appropriately synchronized has a very powerful emotional effect, and change can be more powerful with emotion based programing. 

Alpha And Theta Tones

Having difficulty controlling the wandering mind? We here to help. When the mind enters into a state of mediation, either during hours of prayer or Bible study, your mind produces alpha and theta brainwaves. These meditative states are generally obtained when we singularly focus the mind for several minutes.

Modern life is not conducive to a state of meditation, in fact the opposite is true. For that reason our Meditator series come equipped with sonic and sub-sonic alpha and theta frequencies as an option to our Meditator PRO series. Think of it as chamomile tea for the mind. It naturally calms the mind and helps you focus on Jesus. Brilliant!

Transforming Genetic Activity

ChristAudio is pioneering the entire meditation genre with its programs for genetics. Far to long has the Christian community closed the door on proven scientific fact. Well, we're opening the door wide open, and everyone is taking notice. When Dr. Benson announced that he observed genetic activity change after only 8 weeks of meditation we jumped with joy!

The observations discovered by Dr. Benson and his colleagues at Harvard Medical School proved several key scriptures, mainly Proverbs 4:20 - 23, which state that if a person "diligently keeps God's word" or meditation on God's word until it becomes the constant and natural thought of the mind, it will be "health to the flesh". Without positive genetic activity health is not possible. Yes. The Bible speaks about healthy genetic activity, and science is proving it true.

In 2013 Dr. Benson and colleagues scientifically documented that a simple relaxation exercise changes our genetics. If a simple technique can change our genetic activity, can you imagine what faith based meditation can do for you. With documented blood tests, Dr. Benson proceeded to investigate the effects of faith combined with meditation. Positive changes in the body were accelerated and accentuated.

Since this landmark discovery we've doubled-down on Biblical content while including what we call "Positive Genetic Messaging", a special verbal techniques that help "turn on" positive genetic activity.

Positive Genetic Messaging was created by ChristAudio and is unique to our programs. Others may try to copy what we created using Dr. Benson's research, but few will ever understand how to engineer powerful genetic messaging synchronized with emotion based musical compositions and tonal frequencies. So be sure to investigate their background before buying.

Advanced Christian Meditation

ChristAudio offers you the chance to go beyond the Christian meditation journey. Want the chance to meditate with Jeff one-on-one? The Meditator and Meditator PRO sessions do exactly that. You have the choice of selecting meditations with or without music. All you need to do is press play and enter a state of meditation with Jesus.