The Christian Meditation Technological Marvel

Simply Put
Our audio programs contain guided-relaxation techniques, first-person present-tense biblical affirmations, and pioneering sound design engineering for whole brain learning. Each program is methodically developed to enhance your faith in Jesus Christ and God's saving power which overcomes all things.

Simply put, we develop the most revolutionary Christian self development programs in the world.

28 Minute Christian Meditation!
28 Minutes, that's how long our average Christian meditation program lasts, just enough to combat the destructive inner powers that derail you from achieving your very best in life. Stress, bad habits, and feelings of inadequacy often cause destructive thought patterns that become deeply rooted in the mind. Throughout the years negative programming can intensify even more in the conscious and subconscious mind.

Today’s culture delivers a massive continual bombardment of unhealthy suggestions. If unchecked, the mind will begin to operate within the realm of those negative suggestions wreaking havoc in your life. Here’s a small list of sources that constantly deliver negative suggestions:

- Almost all movies
- Almost all TV shows
- Pharmaceutical TV and radio ads
- Sexually explicit TV, movies, and radio
- Health, fitness, and beauty, TV and radio ads
- All TV and radio news media
- Large segments of the internet
- Most pop music
- Most newspaper, magazine, poster, and billboard ads
- And many more…

Basically almost everything we perceive with our eyes and ears created by other human beings for the purpose of profit has to either appeal to the lower carnal mind or motivate us with fear.

And it’s not just merchants or the media who deliver these messages to you. They can come to you from many other sources like the people around you. Many of them don’t even know they are delivering negative information to your conscious and subconscious mind. They simply repeat what's been programmed into their mind.

In the face of this massive onslaught of negative imagery and messaging, most people become spiritually debilitated, and that’s when most problems begin. Healthy fears turn into phobias, peace turns into anxiety, curiosity turns into addictions, and a sound mind becomes destabilized by stress.

Now imagine being transported into another dimension, a heavenly time and space. Your body becomes extremely relaxed. You may experience visions of Christ Jesus and His angels, and feel as though you are communing with God. Words can hardly describe your experience but it’s like taking a vacation into the Kingdom of heaven. No, you’re not in the twilight zone but in “Theta” land where communication with God really is possible.

Our Christian meditation sessions help people regain their sense of sanity by neutralizing negative thoughts and replacing them with first-person biblical-affirmations (the word of God) turning anxiety into peace, and fear into confident trust in God. With this sense of peace and inner strength that can only be found in God, stress levels decrease while the power of the Holy Spirit increases. People everywhere are plugging themselves in to zap self-defeating beliefs of the world and re-programming their mind with the Word of God.

Created by Christ Audio Ministers this remarkable new technology is actually based on the ancient art of meditation used by Christian monks of times past. For years it’s been known that Christian meditation causes certain physical changes in the brain, which leads to heightened mental awareness of God, improved creativity, increased memory, and greater intellectual abilities. The health benefits are also well documented.

New Age Hijacking of Christian Meditation
The problem with most meditation programs is that it’s been hijacked by the new-age movement resulting in many forms and methods none of which are based on the Word of God. In the book of Psalms we are repeatedly told to meditate on on God's word. This means we have to deeply contemplate, ponder, or meditate on His word daily. God so perfectly fine-tuned the human body to benefit from the practice of meditation, that focusing your mind on even the simplest word like “peace” can cause positive changes in your body.

But there are problems with this practice. In today’s society it’s very difficult to be still and focus any length of time. This is due to the overwhelming activity of life around us. It takes approximately 10-15 years of concentrated effort to learn how to relax the mind to keep it deeply focused. That’s where our pioneering sound technology takes over.

Christian Meditation Breakthrough Technology
By listening to a special combination of frequencies you can automatically synchronize yourself into the optimal state of mind for the word of God to start working in you.

Here’s how it works. God created your brain to produce electrical currents that correspond to different states of consciousness. There are four kinds of brainwave frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta. These names are simply a way to describe the wave pattern, or speed, of the frequency. Alpha happens during light sleep. Beta is your busy day frequency. Theta is associated to deep relaxation and meditation. And Delta occurs during the deep sleep state.

We believe that God created all brain wave frequencies for a purpose. Theta in particular is described by experts as the state of mind in which a person is aware of both the spiritual and physical realms. Theta is the state of mind that most people associate as being "aware". Many Christian monks and ancient Rabbis experienced the same sense of "awareness" of God after months or years of studying and meditating on the Word of God. The ability to consciously generate Theta brain waves was implanted in the mind by God as a way to commune with Him. Today many serious devotees of Christ are completely focused on the practice of experiencing God this way.

Interstellar "Theta" Sounds

Our advanced sound-matrixing technology allows us to compose a soundscape of musical tones, sonic fequencies, and subsonic frequencies (just below normal hearing). At times you may hear a low humming sound in the background, on other occasions you might hear higher frequencies, this is the sonic and subsonic our sound-matrixing at work.

Where did the concept of sonic and subsonic frequencies come from?

In the fall of 1977 two Voyager spacecraft were launched to investigate interstellar space. The Voyagers were equipped with specially designed instruments to detect and record the audible vibrations of deep space. The Voyagers returned the data to Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA to study and analyze.

The sonic and subsonic frequencies you hear were created in our studio by simulating the original Voyager recordings. What the Voyagers recorded is literally the sound of God's creation moving in outer space.

Within the NASA recordings our audio ministers discovered low frequency "theta" sound waves. Our sound engineers examined the naturally occurring theta sounds in space and created specially designed frequencies for our guided Christian meditation programs. These sounds are not music, although at times they may sound like music they are not. They are continuous sound frequencies that change in pitch and tone. This is important because without a musical pattern to fixate on, the brain cannot slow down to enter a deep state of meditation or "theta".

Guided Christian Meditation Programs (Theta Mode)

Sonic and sub-sonic sound matrixes embedded within each audible-voice program composed tend to induce deep relaxation that naturally lead the mind into Theta . The result is blissful Christian meditation.

To enable the healthiest and richest experience our audible voice programs include guided Christian relaxation techniques focused around the God's word. Godly thought is literally deposited into the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is what drives your conscious mind, and the more you listen the more your conscious mind will enact your newly found God intelligence.

Our programs are unlike anything else. They are literally designed to ignite the Spirit of God within you so that you can accomplish any goal, conquer any fear, and eliminate any habit, in ways God intended.

At the end of each session you will feel charged with new energy and vitality, and feel closer to God. Our users report feeling renewed, more alert, more centered, and feeling like you’re on top of the world.

What Does Christian Meditation Feel Like?
Sonic tones, sub-sonic tones, and colorful spoken imagery combined with your faith stimulate the brain to release endorphin. In this state of mind most people report feeling close to God, emboldened with courage, joyfully lucid of mind, and powerful. In this state of mind they “know” all things are possible with God!

Because Christ Audio programs deliver these special frequencies in a recorded format anyone can quickly realize the benefits of deep relaxation and Godly thought at the highest levels of mind easily and effectively.

Psychologists and neurologists for decades have believed that in a Theta state of mind a person can change dramatically.

Powerful 3D Christian Subliminal Technology (Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta)
Christ Audio programs open the door to a fresh revelation of God. His unlimited power in the Holy Spirit allows your subconscious to soar free in His power. We do this by using special subliminal techniques, (affirmations recorded just below the threshold of conscious hearing) which plants positive biblical thought directly into your brain cells. Because your mind is at peak receptivity while in “Theta”, the new biblical thoughts better stick to your core memory which forms your reality.

But there’s more. A new innovation has just been introduced by our team of Audio Ministers. We call it “3D Subliminal Technology”. Subliminal affirmations are put through a process we created called “compensation intelligence”. This new science allows the volume of our subliminal affirmations to follow the volume of its host soundtrack creating an unprecedented subliminal experience for you. At times it may seem like the spoken affirmations “come out” of the host track. Many people report having the affirmations become more real to them as in a vision, or a clear verbal message, even though the messages are barely audible. This new 3D Subliminal Technology works best when used in combination with the audible voice version of a program.

Christian Subliminals
We create specially designed programs that integrates sounds, tones, and frequencies often related to positive emotions. These audio programs are designed to be used during your busy day and can be listened to anywhere. They are designed to work during your “Beta” state of mind, another breakthrough by Christ Audio.

The Subliminal programs contain key universal affirmations. Embedded within each audio are affirmations taken directly from our audible-voice programs. The messages are mixed around, grouped, and then doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled in some cases for maximum effectiveness.

The net effect of using all programs is a complete reprogramming of the inner being, while allowing the Holy Spirit to radiate more of God's light.

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