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If you're watching this video, chances are we contacted you. If we didn't contact you but are interested in our paid referral partnership, keep watching.

We love the fact that there are people like you who have a positive presence online. Anyone willing to inspire others is truly special and shows integrity of character.

Just like you, we inspire thousands of people worldwide, but we want to encourage more. Far too many suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and other struggles. They're out there, and they need our help.

There's a reasonable chance that ten to fifteen percent of your audience is enduring some type of pain, or know someone who is. That's why we have a proposal for you.

We've developed the most trusted and scientifically researched Christian audios for inner health, and your online presence is the perfect conduit to reach more hurting people, but we want to compensate you for it.

For every delivered audio, we'll pay you 50% of the sale. Plus, we give away an additional 10% to charitable causes like the Children's Hunger Fund.

But please keep in mind, it's not about money. It's about the stressed-out single mom who needs to be strong for her children, the teenager who cries herself to sleep with anxiety every night, and the guy who lost all hope and thinking about the end. Problems like these are on the rise, and it's time to do our best to help others.

The Christian body is in pain, and it's up to us to make things better. God gave us the power to bless others. Jesus stated that when two or more are in agreement with Him, His presence will manifest. Let's join together and help others.

Click the link below to get your unique referral URL. Then paste it into your blog, website, social page, or send it to your email list. We track everything for you and send you the money. If you want to view the activity, your dashboard will track all your sales and show your pay. Otherwise, we handle everything for you.

Jesus once said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "Give, and it will be given to you." It takes so little to do so much good and to receive so much. God is truly with you. Click on the link below and join Christ Audio, one of Amazon's most trusted secured payment partners.

God bless you. See you in the kingdom.