The Science




How can Christian meditation help you?

Since the first Christian monk entered a cave in 270 AD to seek God in absolute solitude, meditators have emphatically asserted that the spiritual practice produces awe-inspiring results. Our experience, and that of ChristAudio listeners, suggest remarkably similar results. Regular meditative Christian contemplation, effectively treats stress, anxiety, addictions, depression, and sleep disorders. Christian meditation consistently shows to improve focus, help relationships, stimulate creativity, lower blood pressure, enhance memory, increase brain tissue, and soothe mind and body with feelings of wellbeing.  

Mounting scientific data supports the astonishing claims made by the Christian meditators who practice the spiritual discipline. You can read about their discoveries by clicking on the topics links shown above.

Research At ChristAudio

At ChristAudio we love science! We research world renown scientific documents to learn more so we can develop the highest result-producing meditations. With over a decade of Hebrew and Greek Biblical studies, ChristAudio listeners quickly advance with confidence with our Bible based meditations. Go to our research page.

How Christian Meditation Improves The Mind

Extensive research reveals how even the simplest meditation develops greater creative thinking capacity. The kind of thinking that generates new ideas.

Christian meditation also improves our ability to focus and mentally realize creative solutions.

Neuroscientists have also discovered that just a few minutes of meditation each day will positively change our brain structure giving us greater self control ability.

Compared with people who didn’t meditate, researchers found that mediators stayed on tasks longer and and accomplished more.


How Christian Meditation Improves The Body

According to neuroscientists meditation trains your brain to unplugged stress connections in the brain while miraculously restoring brain matter.

Christian meditation helps activate your body's natural stress management system freeing your body to become an illuminated vessel of God.

Over 100 different scientific studies suggest that meditation has a positive effect on improving stress and anxiety.

90% Of people with clinical levels of anxiety experienced significant reductions in anxiety with a simple breathing meditation technique. Imagine the benefits of meditating with Jesus and His word.


How Christian Meditation Improves Relationships With God And Others

Christian meditation has the unique characteristic of uniting us to God. Enlightened by God's Spirit we can improve relationships with everyone around us when the quiet negative self talk vanishes and positive Biblical self talk improves.

The Bible calls the inner dialog of self talk "murmuring" or "meditation by talking to oneself". In Psalm 1:2 the Bible advocates positive self talk with the word of God, and in Philippians 2:14 our counsel is to do all things without murmurings and disputings which are cause by the negative inner workings of the mind.

A research conducted with married couples showed that meditation restores closeness in marital relationships while improving emotional communication. In other words, the neurological connections that cause strife were disconnected opening the door to love and compassion. The side effect from more love and acceptance is peace. When you experience peace, you're more comfortable with yourself and others. In this state of mind, accepting others in the light of Christ is simply an collateral effect of God's love manifested in you during meditation.


The Science Behind ChristAudio

Scripture translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek texts guide you through each meditation with positive biblical Christian affirmations.

These highly effective meditative sessions are enhanced with synchronized musical soundscaping and meditative tones. PRO level ChristAudio meditations are void of music and tones. They contain Christian meditation instruction and pure silence.

Finally, Christian meditation you can trust. Backed by intensive research, filtered through God's word, supported by the latest technology for the modern Christian seeker. Welcome to ChristAudio.