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Jeff, the "Heavenly Peace " 30 mins audio has been my strength and gives me peace to sleep at nite. I listen to it at least twice daily to cool my senses.

Lastly, "God is able to do more when His word is present in the mind. John 14:21." I will start to read the word of God.

THANK GOD FOR YOUR MINISTRY and thanks for interceding for me. PS: Your 120 commandments sent the demons in my head flying off!

L. U.

Even though I love God I've struggled with alcohol for many years and since my husband is involved with unsavory acts over the internet I have no support at home.

I registered for your free downloads and enjoyed the material. Then I got a couple of beautiful emails from your staff telling me that they were praying for me. I cried. No has ever reached out to me like that before. I replied with the specific request to be freed from alcohol.

I bought one of your programs and listened to it for several days. I began feel like everything was going to be okay. Great program. A couple days later I got a confirmation email telling that I was on your prayer list. Then a miracle happened.

I got on my knees and thanked the Lord for your wonderful ministry. Then I asked God to change me. I instantly felt His holy power enter my body. I was instantly changed. I've asked God to change me before, but this was different. I actually felt God's power in me.

I believe this is what happened, between the use of your program and your prayer effort, my faith was stimulated. Like the women with the issue of blood in the Gospels, I was able to touch my Lord in faith and power came to me.

I spoke the truth to my husband about his activities and he said my words convicted him. I'm happy to report that we are now attending regularly church and becoming more involved in our church body.

I am also studying and meditating on the word of God everyday just like you recommend. All my guilt and confusion is gone. You'll never know how much I owe you.

With a grateful and free heart in our Lord Jesus Christ I send you God's love in prayer,

C. W.

I have never met such a caring group of people. Your prayers and email responses me so much to me. The love of Christ truly shines through your ministry.

Your audios are great! I'm changing more and more everyday. If that wasn't enough your prayers are manifesting miracles.

Please thank everyone for all the love they show in everything you do.


Dear Christ Audio,

I can't even begin to tell you how good I feel. For a very long time I struggled with negative and depressing thoughts. After using your programs for just two weeks I really feel different. I feel more at peace and closer to God. I can really sense God's loving power all around me. This is the kind of life I wanted.

I know that this is just the start of a long journey and that I have to keep working to improve myself, but I credit your programs in helping me launch a new life.

Thank you so much,



I want to send this email to Sarah James who has continually and faithfully answered all our emails. Your advice and the peace meditation have proven to be priceless.

Thank you so much, and yes I WILL see you in the kingdom.
Glory to God!
God bless.

Wow what a ministry!

Jeff and Mary.


God bless you for your work! I've been fighting undesirable thoughts for decades. I'm beginning to notice difference in myself.

But the beautiful thing is that it's the Lord! Because of your programs I'm changing because of how you train the mind to visualize the Lord. I find myself do that constantly throughout the day.

It works!

Thank you.

John B.


I want this message to completely anonymous. Many people don't know that Pastors go through a lot of stress. Between congregational needs and the competing demands of a board, it becomes almost unbearable. For this reason nearly 30% to 40% of us leave the ministry.

I can't leave because an incredibly deep love for God and my dedication to His clear call on my life. Between your programs and the email correspondence I've been able to regain my focus and move forward with the big picture in mind.

Thank you so much. You're in my daily prayer. God bless you.

J. H.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. He deserves all praise, glory, and honor! God has used you for a very good work! I cried almost throughout your entire program. It's so good to be able to concentrate on God without any restriction. Thank you!!! I feel my whole mind and body are filled with His light.

Robin J.

Thank you so much for all your programs. I have a real problem with fear and anxiety. Although I'm not completely victorious yet over my problem. I feel so much better with your programs. I'm making progress!



I just wanted to let you know that I've been addicted for many years. I've tried many programs without success and have come close to death.

About three weeks ago I downloaded your "Breaking Addictions" program and I'm happy to say that after a ten year addiction streak, I am finally free. There are some days that I still struggle, but my fight is a lot easier with your program.

You literally saved my life! I just wanted to let you know how you are affecting lives. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Sandra G.

Dear ChristAudio Ministries,

Several weeks ago I purchased an audio program from ------ who are supposed to be the best in the world. I battle inappropriate behavior like many men do and put my hope in those audio programs. After the prescribed sessions my behavior didn't change at all.

Then I found your website. I bought your "Breaking Addictions" program and in my second day of listening I FELT DIFFERENT! I actually walked away from behavior I know is wrong. I'm not saying I'm completely healed from my addiction, but I can honestly say you have a very powerful and heavily anointed ministry. (and so inexpensive compared to what's out there)

By the way, after I emailed your ministry I got a reply so filled with God's love and Truth that I could literally feel it coming from my computer. You guys are blessed!

Thank you so very much. I will continue to conquer in His name.

G. S.


It's about time Christianity used science. I've seen for years how good sound technology and science has been high-jacked by the secular world and other belief systems.

I've personally studied many of the techniques you use in your programs and know that there are many well documented experiments using sound in promoting health. Your programs are far superior to anything I've seen.

The word of God is not imagery, it's truth, and when combined with "sound" technology, which God is the creator of, the programs you created become very potent. Thank you for stepping up. I love your audio programs and can't wait to see what you come out with next.

J. Stevenson


I'm a man of modest means so I don't have high speed internet. I was so pleasantly surprised at your lighting fast support that help me for nearly half a day in resolving my download issue. I can tell you really care. Thank you very much.

J. Larry "Bud"


To whom it may concern.

Recently I bought several of your audio files. I had some questions and John, one of your reps, replied within minutes with answers to my questions. In his quick reply he said a few things that startled me. A few weeks back I had a vivid experience with my Lord Jesus, John typed some of the same words I heard my Lord speak to me. There was no way he could've known about my experience since I kept it a secret.

I quickly replied back and asked why he chose these particular words and in that order. John again quickly replied and explained that several people in your ministry had a vision of me while praying over my order and that's what led him to use the words he did.

John ministered to me in his email and opened my vision of the Lord. He described my experience to me in great detail using the holy word of God in another prophetic email. Amazing!!!

Your ministry is very very blessed and anointed by the holy ghost. I can feel it. My heart is so full, thank you very much. Your ministry has blessed me beyond anything I ever imagined and it all points to God.


After listening to your programs for 30 days I began to feel more at peace. Then I realized I was thinking and talking in more godly ways. You've helped me to take my Christian faith to the next level. God bless you. Samantha

WOW! Absolutely incredible! Finally a ministry who is not afraid of technology and science. It's not easy to relax after a hectic day but with your theta sounds I can go from a hundred miles an hour to deep relaxation in minutes. Thank you so much for you very high quality work.


Thank you so much for the work you've done. You don't how much your audio programs help. What a wonderful ministry!



I love your "7 Minutes" program. Please contact me when you release your other programs, I want them all.



I feel a very anointing from your ministry. Thank you so much for your audio programs. I'm fully satisfied.

John W.


Thank you so much for your "7 Minutes" CD. The Meditation and Subliminal are excellent. Jeff has a wonderful voice and the audio sessions really relax me. Maryland D.

Wow, you guys have a powerful ministry. I had a very bad back injury which left my right leg in constant pain. I asked for prayer from you and I could feel a warm healing energy flowing through my body. Within 24 hours I was pain free and regained my flexibility. It's been a month since then and I'm happy to report the healing is permanent! Thank you so much and God bless you.

G. Blair


I lost my job and times have been really tough. Your CD is like my life boat. Thank you so much for your work. God Bless you!

N. J.

I have just purchased your CD Knowing God. I want to make sure that I am the first to know when ANY others are available. I have learned how extremely beneficial this is. I want every one you come out with!! The ones you are developing are exactly what I am looking for. I am very excited!!! Please Please let me know the minute they are ready!! I am just so glad that the Lord led me to your site....I am anxiously awaiting word from you!!!!!

God bless and thank you for realizing what millions of Christians NEED for this time. The timing is absolutely perfect!! I am spreading the word about your site!!



I have been praying to GOD for 55 years with devotion, unfortunately the distractions of the world are overwhelming. A few weeks ago I began to listen to this incredible CD “7 MINUTES TO KNOWING GOD“. This is a blessing! I can now experience STILLNESS in my mind, body and soul.

The relaxation techniques in the affirmations portion of the CD helped me to internalize the Word of GOD like never before. This CD has also helped my sons and grandchildren to commune with GOD. I'm already beginning to see a change in them! I will continue to listen to this CD for the rest of life. I want to thank the author of this CD “Mr. Jeffrey Ordonez” THANK YOU FOREVER!

Grace J.


I can really see the value to your CD in almost any counseling situation. I will begin to introduce your CD to our counselors.

Philip T.


Your Christ Audio CD is changing my life. It's amazing! I have found your audio program to be very helpful in my daily life.

Michael O.


I've used the "7 Minute" CD for 2 weeks now and really feel the difference. I also follow the instructions on the inside cover, and I can honestly say that I feel closer to God. I am more peaceful, and I actually think more about God and practice feeling His presence throughout the day. This CD is nothing less than genius!



I use your meditation CD every single day. I love that it's easy to use and puts me in the right state of mind to counsel others. You got my business! I'm sending all my clients to your site.

Jackie R. C.


I've been taught that meditation was a scary thing. I wasn't sure whether I'd like or not, but know I can see how this tool helping our counselors in their work to improve lives. Thank you.

Kurt D.