Anti-Anxiety Power Program

Anti-Anxiety Power Program

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Anxiety stops today! This enlightening series includes a 6 part audio book (30-Second Anxiety Cures), a 10-Minute Trainer, a Subconscious Anti-Anxiety Meditation, an Anxiety Affirmations Meditation, a Love God Meditation, 2 Brain Optimizers, and our best-selling 100 I AM affirmations devotional.

With this power-packed program you will learn why anxiety exists and how to stop it right away (30-Second Anxiety Cures). The 10-Minute Trainer will help you train with the most popular techniques in the 30-Second Anxiety Cures book.

After training for a few days with the 30-Second Anxiety Cures and the 10-Minute Trainer, you can move on to Subconscious Anti-Anxiety Meditation to short-circuit anxiety at the root.

Then start a new life by planting new thoughts based on God's word with the Anxiety Affirmations Meditation and and our very popular Love God Meditation.

This program also includes two Brain Optimizer breath trainers, one with tones only, and another with a beautiful stream and bird background sounds. Feeling a little anxious? No problem. Grab your phone, plug in your earbuds, and breath with the Brain Optimizer. Rhythmic breathing changes brain chemistry, try it.

Now accelerate your journey with God! Listen to our best-selling 100 I AM Christian Affirmations devotional and feel the change.

Science based and biblical proven programs are at your fingertips. Click, press play, and make the changes you want.

With Jesus all things are possible. You just need to need the right information and guidance.

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Three versions of the Conquering Fears and Anxiety meditation include: voice only, w/tones and music, and subliminal.


Three versions of the Love God meditation include: voice only, w/tones and music, and subliminal.



Three versions of the 100 I AM Christian Affirmations include: voice only, w/music, and subliminal.




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