Christian Subliminal - Conquering Fears and Anxieties

Christian Subliminal - Conquering Fears and Anxieties

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Subliminal Features

Whisper Voice (Not Audible)
Biblical Affirmations (First Person, Present-Tense)
No Relaxation Techniques
No Breathing Techniques
No Visualizations
No Intelligent Musical Soundscape
No Alpha/Theta Tones

Duration: 28 mins, 05 secs.

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    Ocean Surf Subliminal Version - Most fears stem from thought that can be irrationally perceived. Don't let fears rob you of your peace, joy, and success.

    This subliminal audio helps you overcome fears and anxiety God's way through God centered affirmations.

    Now you can become the person you thought you could be. Eliminate those crushing thoughts and transform your life with breakthrough Christian technology.

    CAUTION - Not to be used when driving a vehicle of any kind or when concentration is needed. May cause drowsiness.

    NOTICE: Christ Audio programs are for educational purposes only. No therapeutic claims are made of any are kind regarding these programs, or for proper medical attention. They are not intended as a substitute for seeking professional help from your physician or counselor. You are responsible for seeking proper medical attention as appropriate.

    Subliminal Affirmations Included

    I am calm and relaxed. I am secure and at peace with God. His divine will and beauty regenerates my mind, body, and soul. I am fully aware of God's presence in my life. I delight in Him and He delights in me. I feel Him throughout the day and think His thoughts in all positivity and confidence. I am cheerful and glad in His glorious presence.

    I am open to new experiences and challenges. I am becoming healthier and stronger in God every day. I concentrate on the talents and qualities God gave me. This helps me to develop my skills and talents for the glory of God. My self-esteem grows daily because His presence grows in me every day. I love Him, He loves me. I can feel Him more and more each day. I release all negative feelings. I cancel and reject any negative thought, feeling, and emotion. Instead my mind is completely focused on the glory of God and His image, Jesus Christ.

    I often visualize the power of God flowing through me enhancing all my talents and abilities. I see the world and my life as God sees it, filled with His glory. God created me for a mission. I focus my mind on His calling for me on a regular basis. I loving consider His way for me and gladly try new things that may develop my talents and abilities the fulfillment of His mission.

    I enjoy committing myself to do anything I choose to do. Once I commit to a project or a goal and earnestly put forth the effort and persistence. Christ and His angels are there to help me. In Christ I can do anything. He who is in me is overpowers the world. His Holy Spirit in me attracts people and angles to help me. God is great. My commitment to see a project or a goal through to the end inspires God to guide me. He assists me at every corner. He shows me the way and leads me. His power opens the way and triggers a chain reaction of events that lead to my success.

    I am more and more confident in God's power every day. I live in Him and He lives in me. I like adventure and the thought of change in my life is exciting to me. God blessed with life. He meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. I enjoy living my life for God to the fullest. I am willing to take calculated risks in the full development of my life.

    God fills me with His supernatural energy to accomplish any project or goal. God is my source of loving powerful energy. He strengthens me everyday more and more with His healthy energy. It's fun to explore my limitations and then go beyond them. I learn and grow with every situation in life and live my life to the fullest. I am filled with positive expectation when I pray and live my life for God. With God all things are possible. I am optimistic and confident in God. I love God.

    I am excited to see what God brings my way. I am happy in the presence of God. I love being with God. His Holy Spirit feels comfortable in. I am comfortable and confident in His Holy Spirit. I project my spiritual comfort to other people and they are comfortable with me. In the Spirit of God I am warm, friendly, loving, and lovable. I His Spirit I am capable, confident, creative, and full of energy. I can do all thing through Christ who loves me.

    I am not conformed to this world; instead my mind is renewed in the Spirit of God who dwells in me. It is through His Spirit that I know the perfect will of God. His Spirit brings me safety, security, and counsel. I can see and hear God because I take time out every day to focus my mind on His Holy Spirit. I love doing this because His Spirit becomes alive to me.

    I His Spirit I am positive, I am confident, I am calm, and at peace with God almighty. His Spirit dwells in me. When I speak I express myself calmly with the intelligence given to me in the Holy Spirit. I have supernatural concentration powers. I think in the mind of God. My mind is always focused on the things of God as they pertain to my life.

    Christ said that He has overcome the world, and everything in it is His. In Him I have complete dominion over my life, body, my mind, and even the world. For He said I would do greater things than He. I now celebrate this realization by rejoicing in His Spirit. Thank you God.

    Every day the Spirit of God transforms me more and more to His likeness. His glory has transformative powers.

    You are positive and confident in the Spirit of God. You let go of any limiting thought that holds back from being Gods full expression of His power, love, and wisdom. Deep down you know that living in God's full power, love, and wisdom is possible. So right now you allow His living energy to flow through your body. All positive changes are possible to you now. You now have the ability to successfully deal with any situation in life. You have all that it takes to succeed. You have the intelligence, you have the strength, you have the will-power, you have Godly confidence, you have supernatural energy, you have spiritual knowledge, you have right temperance, you are motivated, you are persistent, you can do anything in the power and glory of God. He said you could and you can. Nothing can stop you. Because He overcomes the world you can overcome anything. All things are possible with God. God has no limitations. He is almighty, all powerful, all knowing, and omnipresent. Problems and obstacles turn into advantages and opportunities. You are adaptable and flexible. You have the ability to make anything into a positive experience. You are a child of the living God. God endowed you with grace and power from His throne. You are now aware of your limitless potential. With God all things are possible. You now believe in the indwelling Spirit to give you power, peace, and instruction. The indwelling Spirit can perform miraculous because it is the power of God in you.

    You now have more assurance in the Spirit of God than ever before. You are becoming more confident and positive in the Spirit of God each day. You are capable, confident, and articulate. You are becoming more motivated and assertive each day. You have a thirst for the word of God and enjoy learning by following His instruction.

    You enjoy following the instruction of God. You are a do it now person and it give great pleasure to follow His instruction right away. You enjoy doing things you formally feared. You know that in the Spirit of God all things are possible and your strength comes from God. You now enjoy conquering fears.

    One of life's greatest joys is the fact that you can now do the things you thought you couldn't. You are grateful for God?s love and support. He supplies you with all the necessary abilities and mental gifts and you are determined to make good use of them. You are now very sure of power of God within you. You can see It and feel it. You are falling in love with your life because you God in all things. God is everywhere.

    You are excited about greeting each new challenge in the power of God. You welcome each new opportunity to test what you formally thought were your limits. You are free in the spirit of God. Your mind is filled with His power. Your memory is unlimited and you have a supernatural ability to remember. You know the Spirit of God dwells in you. This is your new reality, you walk in the Spirit, you talk in the Spirit, you think in the Spirit, you are made whole and new in the Spirit. You are excited about all the new possibilities. You are discovering the real you. In Christ you are God's glory. You like what you are finding,

    You like turning negatives into positives. This is always possible because all things are possible with God. When you really want to do something and you think you can't you will feel a quickening of the Holy Spirit that will motivate you into thinking you can do it. Your mind will see all the possibilities and rewards associated to it.

    You love to pray, study the word of God, and set goals in the service of God. You set goals and plan for success. Several times a day you stop what you are doing and seek God. You open the bible to the most helpful scriptures. You read them and visualize how God is helping you achieve your goal.

    Now we're going conquer all fears permanently. Start to visualize yourself doing the thing you had feared doing or about the thing you had experienced anxiety.

    Remember you are in the safety and security of God's hand, His Holy Spirit. His power reigns supreme over all things. You are doing all those things you visualize yourself doing, and you are doing it well. You feel God's love and support every step of the way. You feel His Holy presence accomplishing everything you thought was impossible. You feel so exhilarated and excited that all you want to do is give Him all the praise and glory. As you travel on this journey of success fears are non-existent.

    The only thing on your mind is God and your goal. You can feel His power becoming stronger and stronger in you every day, and you love Him for that. You praise and worship Him in many ways every day. The love and joy you experience during these moments strengthens His presence in you even more. His presence in you overflows in abundance. His consciousness is your consciousness.

    In Christ you are one body and one mind. You are filled with His energy. You have vitality and enthusiasm. Your creative thinking is beyond measure. As you feel His energy flow through you, you begin to see that all things really are possible with Him and the image of yourself in Him is perfect, and nothing less.

    You are a whole and complete child of God that functions very effectively in His service. You are feeling very proud and happy in the Spirit because your goal is materializing before your eyes. And God is happy that you are accomplishing the mission of your Spirit and supports you 100%. From now on this is the pattern of success in your mind. It is permanently recorded in your brain.

    This is God's blueprint for your success and is now activated in you. His power and glory along with all information and instruction you need is now being released from within the Holy Spirit of God and is transforming your mind and body. You are now living in presence of God and the success of His mission already exists in your mind. You see it as it has already happened.

    The love and joy you feel right now as you see the work of God manifesting in your life build your confidence and trust in God more and more. You can win all battles when you serve God. With God at your side you are more than a conqueror, you are a winner and you know it. This is the real you, the you that exists in the Spirit of God. You live in this reality and you love it. This is the way you are meant to be and you love it.

    Today you have planted seeds in your mind that are ready to produce fruit toward a more God filled reality. This is just the beginning. Christ said that a seed planted may produce 30, 60, 100 fold of its kind, and now your seed is growing. Each day you are stronger and more confident in God. You are constantly inspired by the Word of God and God reveals to you the best options for your future. You choose to create your life around the fulfillment of God's word and that's exactly what it becomes.

    Every day you take time out to relax and spend time with God. You close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax. Then visualize the fullness of God's Spirit in you. Dwell in His holy presence and visualize the end result of His mission for you. Then release it with faith knowing that you just planted the seed and the harvest is about to come to pass. Your level of energy is high and constant it never fails you. You are sustained by God. You dwell deeply in the Spirit of God and He reveals important situations and details to you. You can now function at peak creativity, effectiveness, and vitality in accomplishing your God given mission.

    Every time you take time out to dwell in the Holy Spirit you create a mental pattern of success in God. This automatically enhances your awareness of God, His angels, and His voice. Your physical and mental performance increase every time you do this.

    Each time you use this audio session you become more aware of God and His abundant power to control life and shape a God filled reality.

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