Brain Optimizer - Stream & Birds

Brain Optimizer - Stream & Birds

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Enhance Your Brain, Health, And Power With Your Breath

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Brain Optimizer is a breath training program that optimizes mind and body. We are at our healthiest and enter into higher levels of performance – memory, cognition, creativity, mood balance, and lucid thinking are all naturally improved through rhythmic breathing. See article


  • Versatile Use lets you listen anytime and anywhere, use it to sleep better, relax, before study, before exams, before meetings, need a quick charge, become more creative, to feel better, and so much more.
  • Instructional Guidance which helps you get the most out of your program.
  • Perfectly Timed Rhythmic Tone Signals for maximum physical effects.
  • Adjustable Program Lengths, skip forward for shorter sessions. Combine short and long sessions throughout the day to feel your best.
  • Background Recording Of Steam And Birds - For the most pleasurable listening experience this version contains a background recording of a stream and birds. Kick back, close your eyes, and relax.

Caution: Not to be used when you need your full attention, while operating machinery, or driving a car. This program should be used when you can close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.  

God Was Right!
The US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have proven God's word true... again! “Breath of life” is a Biblical term that describes God's power to give us life (Genesis 2:7). Additionally, it describes how our breath is life to our body, without it nothing lives. (Acts 17:25)

Medical institutions have demonstrated how the simple act of paying attention to our breath, God's gift, can positively stimulate our nervous system in such a way that it enhances autonomic functions like heart rate, improved cognition in Alzheimer's patients, improve bowel function, and so much more.

Amazingly, they also report that rhythmic breathing helped cancer patients, who had completed standard medical treatment, boost lymphocyte cells significantly after 12 weeks of practicing rhythmic breathing. Lymphocyte cells are naturally produced by the body to reject tumors, and destroy viral infections. Clearly this is evidence that God designed His "breath" in you to be life... and more!

We can receive the health benefits and the brain boosting blessings God designed into our breath by simply listening to this simple program.

Maybe you may feel down and tired. Or maybe you need a little extra creativity, energy, and positivity to kick start a new direction in life! Available in an array of background recordings, Brain Optimizer program is designed to naturally stimulate God's power boosting gift in you. Sometimes a quick 5 minute rhythmic breathing session is all you'll need to stay sharp, happy, and at your best for you, your family, friend, or coworkers. God is wonderful and His gift is already in you!

Why You Should Use Brain Optimizer
More often than not we know we can be better. We always to look up to someone as a perfect model and look forward to the day when we can exude the qualities we are so fond of. Today may finally be our turn. Science and technology has given us a tool destined to bring out the best in us – Brain Optimizer.

Are you receiving all the blessings that are hidden away in you right now? Download Brain Optimizer today and join thousands of Christ Audio listeners who are improving life... God's way.

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