Christian Mindfulness for Afternoon
Christian Mindfulness for Afternoon

Christian Mindfulness for Afternoon

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Sometimes the day's activity can cause so much busyness in the mind that it becomes difficult to enjoy the afternoon.

Neurological brain scans show that intense activity causes excessive intensity in the brain which can lead to agitation and irritability.

In contrast, regular meditation naturally reduces intense activity in the brain which decreases tension in the body. This is especially true when thoughts that cause stress are released during meditation.

The side effect of regular meditation is that very few things will bother you or throw you off balance.

What's remarkable is that the Bible describes a similar technique for positive inner health. 1 John 1:9 says that we must recognize our imperfections and confess them to God who is faithful in forgiving and purifying us.

Although science admits that people are constructed to benefit from the acknowledgment and relinquishment of imperfect thought patterns, the Bible tells us that we must acknowledge God and relinquish ourselves to Him as the source of purifying power.

This meditation helps you to mindfully become aware of the mental activity that may cause tension, hand it over to Jesus, then heal in God's loving power so you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon.