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An Inner Experience With Jesus - Christian Subliminal

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Subliminal Features

Whisper Voice (Not Audible)
Biblical Affirmations (First Person, Present-Tense)
No Relaxation Techniques
No Breathing Techniques
No Visualizations
No Intelligent Musical Soundscape
No Alpha/Theta Tones

Duration: 21 mins, 23 secs.

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    This Christian subliminal fulfills the greatest desire Christians have today, to feel God's tangible presence. A startling fact about experiencing God everyday is that it's easy.

    There's one simple instruction in the Bible that reveals how God can be encountered in the soul. In John 14:21 and 23 Jesus simply states that if we "keep" His word the fullness of God's presence will enter our soul.

    So how do we achieve this super relationship with God without experiencing the loss of living like a monk? It starts with the yearning process. If you get hungry, you eat. This program effectively triggers your natural desire for God's word. A craving that can be exclusively fulfilled by "keeping" the Word. But first you need to hunger and thirst. If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, God will fill you. Guaranteed! (Mt 5:6)

    Profound yearning will provide you with a new way of receiving unlimited knowledge from God and ultimately an increased unification of His presence.

    CAUTION - Not to be used when driving a vehicle of any kind or when concentration is needed. May cause drowsiness.

    NOTICE: Christ Audio programs are for educational purposes only. No therapeutic claims are made of any are kind regarding these programs, or for proper medical attention. They are not intended as a substitute for seeking professional help from your physician or counselor. You are responsible for seeking proper medical attention as appropriate.

    Subliminal Affirmations Included

    I have the mind of Christ.
    I think with the mind of God.

    The love of God is in my heart
    The love of God is in my mind The love of God is in whole body
    The love of God gives me peace
    The love of God gives me mental clarity
    The love of God makes me more like Jesus

    I reason through the love of God
    I talk with the love of God
    I think with the love of God
    I you understand with the love of God

    I constantly practice thinking, speaking, and acting in the love of God
    The love of God makes me more sincere
    The love of God makes me more truthful
    The love of God makes me more kind
    The love of God makes me more understanding
    The love of God makes me more stable
    The love of God makes me more humble
    The love of God makes me more satisfied with the word of God
    The love of God makes me more like Jesus

    Jesus died on the cross so you can be resurrected with God’s life
    This has never been more true to you than now
    Your entire body is beaming with the life of God
    Every cell in your body is glowing with God’s life
    You walk, talk, and think, more like God
    Your entire body is empowered by God

    Now gently breathe as a person who has the presence of God
    This is something your practice every day
    Throughout the day you take a moment to breathe deep like a person with the presence of God

    Every time you do this the memory of God will come pouring in and your whole body will be full of light.

    You will be at peace and full of the love and light of God
    You’ll be able to think more clearly with God
    And your perspective will come from God

    God is ever-present and all-knowing
    His power and light are always available to you

    I know that God is the God of the Bible, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    I pray like Jesus prayed in John 17:21 that I may be one with God

    I love God with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind
    I love God so much that I totally and completely let God in

    My faith in God grows more and more until there is only God

    Through Jesus I am alive with God
    Through Him I accomplish the will of God
    His will in me is one

    My spiritual condition is the most important aspect of my being
    I set aside, cancel, and delete, all things that are not worthy of the presence of God in me
    I do this in the powerful name of Jesus

    His Holy Name protects me
    His Holy Name strengthened me
    Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of Lords
    Nothing can defeat Him or conquer Him, He conquers and defeats all things
    He is power, light, and love

    According to Matthew 6:22, the thoughts I hold become light or dark in me

    I choose thoughts of God
    Thoughts of God become light in me
    I constantly read the word of God because it plants more thoughts of God in me
    I love God's light and His word in me becomes light
    I focus my mind on the word of God every day

    According to Philippians 4:8, I can concentrate on the thoughts of God until God is with me

    I love the word of God
    I read it every day
    I concentrate on what it says
    I understand its concepts, principles, and ideas
    They come alive in me
    I can see them with the mind of Christ

    I absorb all the concepts of the Bible
    I make them my own
    They become the mind of God in me
    The word of God built up in me is the word made flesh

    God’s word in me becomes the Light of my body according to Mathew 6:22

    I love to concentrate on the word of God
    I love to study the word of God
    I love to contemplate on the word of God

    I constantly visualize its concepts and imitate them
    God’s word becomes alive in me
    God word in me provides me with life
    I am like a tree planted by the living waters
    God's life passes through me more and more

    I am strong and eternally present in Christ

    My love for God is total and complete
    I love God with all my heart, soul, and mind
    Because I love God I meditate on His word everyday

    I read it in the morning and understand it
    I think about it all day
    I read it at night and it influences my mind

    I think holy and pure thoughts
    God's word is light in me
    It grows in me more and more every day
    As I read and contemplate on the word of God I see God more clearly

    God's presence in me is the mind of Christ
    I think with the mind of Christ
    I understand the world with the mind of God

    I live in the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit and I are one
    In the Holy Spirit I am one with God just like Jesus prayed for me in John 17: 21

    Godly thought become visible to my mind as I read and study the bible
    I read and study the Bible with great love for God
    When I enter into my daily time of study I worship God and pray for His guidance
    I love God when I study His word

    Jesus said in John 14:23 that when I love God in study, God will dwell in me
    I feel the presence of God more and more each day as I study
    God's presence lingers in me all day

    It heals my body
    It empowers my mind
    It restores my health
    It makes me perfect in every way
    I am one with Jesus and He is perfect

    My mind is more like His
    My presence is more like His
    My life is more like His
    He is eternally glorified in my life

    Thank you God
    Thank you Jesus

    I feel comfortable in Jesus I feel comfortable talking about Jesus and how He loves me I feel comfortable and at peace talking about Jesus and His saving power I love to share Jesus with others and how He saved me by His eternal life.

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