Super Theta Brain Optimizer

Super Theta Brain Optimizer

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    • Guided Instructions
    • Synchronizing Breathing Tones
    • Theta Tone
    • Angelic Digital Choir

    Duration: 34 mins, 46 secs

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    Touch God in minutes, not decades.

    Christian monks will tell you that entering a state of meditation to touch God takes years of practiced focus. Not anymore.

    The Super Theta Brain Optimizer program delivers breathing tones to help synchronize your breath to the perfect ratio for enhanced brain function in alpha/theta mode.

    The almost inaudible theta tone guides your mind to the right modulation while you listen to a beautiful choir of digital angelic voices that mimic the interstellar sounds recorded by the 1977 NASA space Voyager.

    Get the most from your time with God.

    • Listen to the audio while you meditate on God's word and experience a deeper relationship.
    • Need better sleep? Close your eyes and drift into a peaceful sleep.
    • Need to calm your nerves during a flight? Plug-in your headphones and enter into a world of divine peace.

    The versatility of the Super Theta Brain Optimizer is limited only by your imagination.

    The power of scientific Christian meditation delivers

    Download today and listen to a program like none other based on proven science and used by people in 52 nations.

    Plug in your headphones and ascend with a meditative experience. Then influence your mind with your Bible study or our devotional programs, an experience reserved for those who devotedly cultivate the soul.

    Experiencing heavenly soundscapes intelligently composed in our studio spotlight what's possible when science proves God's word.

    All you have to do is press "play" and the world's most scientifically researched Christian meditations transport you into the presence of Jesus. Receiving God's life-giving presence has never been easier.

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